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Blair Lyon- President
Thanh Nguyen -VP Operations 
Eric B. Smith – Partner 
Jim Gatch VP - Sales
David McMillan - Partner
Heather Johnson – Creative Director

Product Line or Service


Today’s marketers want to combine the visual effects of television with the interactivity of multimedia to reach their target audiences via email, web sites, and off-line media. Until now the right technology and vision has failed to come together to meet the challenges of the new e-marketing age. TMX delivers an unparalleled suite of proprietary technology, creative and integration to contact and instill action in our client’s target customer. We build “TV-style” ads and games that can be customized by the customer through direct input or fed from a database for precision e-targeting. To reach off-line customers we deliver commercials on mini-CD-ROMs that can link directly to web sites. Once created, we broadcast the rich media content (e-mercial) directly into the Email body. And finally, TMX offers detailed tracking and reporting on your campaign to determine campaign effectiveness in real-time, delivering an unprecedented level of marketing feedback directly to our clients.


Technology/Proprietary Rights


Patent pending on method and process for streaming rich media (full audio, motion, graphics, and sound) TV style advertisements directly imbedded into Email. The process requires no file downloads or attachments and our proprietary technologies “auto sense” web viewing browsers and data connection rates, and adjusts the content accordingly to maximize viewing graphics and optimize delivery speeds.


Market Opportunities


Forrester Research and eMarketer has Email advertising going from $97 Million in 1997 growing to more then $2 Billion dollars in 2003. Of the projected electronic advertising expenditures, Email is growing at the most rapid rate of 3% in 1999 to 15% in 2003. Total on line advertising expenditures are expected to increase from $3 Billion in 1999 to over $13 Billion in 2003.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution 


Our marketing and strategic focus is based on the following emphasis:

  1. Form strategic alliances and partnerships with the top database e-list providers and e-messaging companies. Thus allowing us to leverage their existing customers and sales force, as well as jointly market new value added services to both existing and new customers.
  2. Form strategic alliances and partnerships with the top regional advertising agencies in each demographic expanding region.
  3. Provide exciting dynamic content creation services for rich media distribution to increase Ad effectiveness and promote repeat business and consumer loyalty.
  4. Host broadband data distribution “broadcasting” of rich media content.
  5. Develop state of the art products using current and next generation technology to lead consumer needs and demands, based on consumer/partner feedback.
  6. Leverage our tracking and reporting information to provide our customers return on investment (ROI) data to promote further investment and repeat business.




TMX interactive is currently developing “templatable” advertisements where a customer can change text wording on an existing E-mercial and re-task the advertisement. We are developing a software product where a customer will be able to create their own E-mercials by picking from a library of animations, sound tracts and transitions, which we would then broadcast the rich media delivery.




Several companies have emerged who are streaming video (limited in size and quality- RadicalMail) or sending file attachments which must be down loaded and executed. One such company is eCommercial (Now MindArrow Systems, Inc) who went public in March of 2000 and currently has a market capitalization of over $200 Million dollars.


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