1999 Presenting Companies


3TEX, Inc.
Aatlas Commerce
Akoslogic, Inc.
AnswerLogic, Inc.
Applied Electro-Optics Corporation
Automated Cell Technologies, Inc.
Biowave Corporation
Blueprint Technologies, Inc.
Checkpoint Genetics, Inc.
Digital Addiction, Inc.
EagleSoft Corporation
Millenium Healthcare Group, Inc.
New Latitudes, Inc.
QoS Networks Corporation
RealTour Express, Inc.
Reliacast, Inc.
SciCentral.com, Inc.
Smart Button Associates
Step 9 Software Corporation
The Sync, Inc.

1999 Exhibiting Companies


Christini Technologies
Convergent Solutions International, Inc.
FrontLine Solutions, Inc.
GreyPilgrim, LTD
InfoAge Business Centers, LLC
Legal Review International, LLC
Little Souls, Inc.
Micropore, Inc.
Mobiliti, Inc.
Phoenix DataComm, Inc.
Precison Media, Inc.
Preventive Medical Technologies, Inc.
REALM Information Services, LLC
Rhyme & Reason
Superior Nutrition Corporation
XFI Corporation


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