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David S. Maw, CEO
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Tim Tompkins, VP - Bus. Dev.
Sarah Jones, Director: Operations
William Spruill, Executive VP
Tim Albury, Chief Financial Officer

Product Line provides a comprehensive suite of web-delivered applications and services that connect high-tech startups with investors, boards of advisor candidates, and qualified service providers on a national basis. This virtual platform combined with online and offline educational content and networking events increases the likelihood of success for startups. StartUpStreet.comís tiered-model allows startups to use as much or as little of its acceleration services as they require to turn their great idea into a successful business.


Services Include


My Radar- A personalized search tool, which allows startups to determine potential competitors and keep tabs on the happenings in their target market.


National Board of Advisors Network- A profile-based matching tool allowing startups to locate the appropriate Advisory Board candidates. 


My BoA- A service for startups that cannot find the appropriate match in their personal networks our system. will use its extended network to locate the desired candidate.


Business Planner Tool- A project management tool which helps to keep early stage companies on track with the building of the business


Angel Investor Network- A profile-based matching tool matching startups ready for first round funding with angel and venture capital investors. 


Critical Service Provider Network- A directory that assists startups with finding service providers with experience in working with early stage, venture-backed companies.


Marketing Sales Distribution


Through our corporate sponsors such as Arthur Andersen, the NBIA (National Business Incubator Association) and our series of entrepreneurial education events in targeted high tech communities.


Technology Proprietary Rights


The NBOA Network ( is the first National Board of Advisors network. Advisors provide the support, guidance and ability to open doors for entrepreneurs that can shave months off of the time to market.


Market Opportunities


There are 300K - 400K startups looking for money and guidance right now! The incubator and startup sector is the hottest part of the economy and we have the opportunity to offer direct services to entrepreneurs throughout the US and work with all of the incubators to offer wrap around services and economies to their bricks and mortar services. Many old economy companies are trying to find ways to participate in the new economy and StartUpStreet can provide an excellent channel to get plugged-in.




We offer a one-stop service for entrepreneurs to set up their office - BOA - business modeling and presentations - funding. Other companies are doing pieces of this puzzle but most focus only on funding. Most notable are, Startups and Our model actually allows us to work with these companies because once a company partners with and an equity postion is achieved, we will pursue all means to make this company successful, even if that means using to help us with funding a particular company.


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