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U.K. Nambiar, CEO
Dr. P.M. Kutty, President
Sunil Jain, Marketing&Business Development Manager
Pramod Mohan, Operations Manager
Padmini Pooleri, Travel Service Manager

Product Line


Products include specialty food products, ethnic books, music, gifts & DVD’s. Services include air tickets to Asia, leisure package & tickets to community events.


Technology Proprietary Rights


Exclusive rights to distribute products from the manufacturer. Tie up with manufacturers to import a range of products under the “Mahabazaar” brand name.


Market Opportunities


The purchasing power of Asian Americans in the U.S is estimated to be $225 billion. The products and services that has targeted currently is estimated to be only a few billion dollars and the goal is to exceed $150 million in revenues within the next five years.’s goal is to be the preferred vendor for all businesses in the ethnic portal space as well as traditional retail stores. Mahabazaar will also sell directly to the consumers.


Marketing Sales Distribution


B2C: Currently, small retail establishments are inadequate in servicing the needs of the targeted ethnic communities. A typical ethnic store is a congested floor bursting with goods. The most obvious missing service elements are shopping carts, sales persons, in-store sales promotion, and parking space. Service is at its lowest form and customer focus is lacking. Credit card use is restricted by minimum purchase requirements. There is usually only one checkout counter and, to amplify the slowdown at the checkout lane, the products are not bar-coded.


The management of strongly believes that the internet can overcome the service issues and consolidate the market. Integrating the market can be visualized as a “virtual” consolidation or an amalgamation of the market in cyberspace. There being no big players in this market currently, is positioning itself to take on a lead role and dominate the market. 


B2B - Traditional retailers: The retailers in this market are fragmented, reducing their negotiating power with the suppliers. The retailers are unable to scale their operations and have difficulty in growing the market. The wholesale market is dominated by a few big importers who are concentrated primarily in the N.York, Chicago and California metropolitan areas. As the retailers are over dependent on these few wholesalers they have very little flexibility or negotiating power in making their purchase decisions. being a direct importer sees an immediate opportunity to fill the void in this market by providing to these retailers a wide range of products at a lower cost. 


B2B- Portals/E-commerce: Utilizing its technological and fulfillment capabilities, will power many portal and e-commerce sites that have mushroomed recently in this space. Consequently these sites would have instant access to’s inventory. 








On the B2B front, as of now has a first mover advantage. However competition could come from traditional wholesalers. On the B2C side there are two players out there in the Internet space. However is the only site that is focusing on both products and services. Competition would also come from traditional brick and mortar stores.


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