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Craig O. Allsopp, President and CEO
Gregory Baber, CTO
Christopher K. Bouck, CFO

Product Line or Service


IPG Direct provides content and commerce services to business professionals on the Web. 
We own and operate B2B Web sites for niche markets and we license news, data and customized research to others operating so-called vertical trading hubs. 
Products launched to date include Commercial Real Estate Direct and Asian Assets Direct. We are developing three additional services for the private equity, energy and syndicated bank finance markets. 


Our business model depends on four sources of revenue. Subscription fees from business professionals. 


Sponsorship fees from companies who want to reach these users. 


E-commerce fees from the sale of 3rd Party services to our users.


Technology/Proprietary Rights


None, other than copyrights for our original work. We add value through experience and the ingenuity of our staff. Toward that end, all employees are incentived with stock options and a share of ownership in the company. 


Market Opportunities


We operate at the intersection of information and e-commerce. Industry experts Simba and Jupiter peg growth in the B2B content sector at 35% per annum, with total revenues of $5.7 billion by 2004. Our goal is to be operational in 35 of the Top 50 B2B markets with content and commerce recognized and utilized as the standard for business professionals. 


Internet Publishing Group brings together the timeliness of a newswire with the in-depth analysis of a professional newsletter. Internet Publishing Group offers professionals valuable and highly- focused information at a fraction of the price of an in-house research analyst.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


Customer acquisition for destination Web sites comes from a combination of direct sales and “viral” Web-based and e-mail marketing.


We’ve signed more than 80 firms to our first service – Commercial Real Estate Direct – and generated billings of $250,000 during our first six months. Among our major accounts are Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers and Cushman and Wakefield. 


We have recently forged a distribution agreement with Bloomberg, LLP, and granting IPGDirect access to 150,000 investment professionals worldwide. Other alliances in place with information providers, distributors and research providers include: the Associated Press, Newstraders.com, WAVO, Asia Property Journal, Axiometrics, Moody’s, Torto Wheaton, Well-Engaged and Exodus. 




Our manufacturing is limited to content production on a daily basis, in real-time.




We compete for “share of mind” with professional newsletters, newswires, data base services and in-house research departments. Our competitive advantage lies in being more timely than newsletters, more in-depth than newswires, more customized than data base services and more cost-effective than data base services. 


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