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Ike Brenner, CEO
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Product Line or Service


INDUSTRY-E is an Event Service Provider (ESP) specializing in the infrastructure deployment, operations management, and delivery of Internet events. INDUSTRY-E provides complete outsourced hosting and operational support solutions for event delivery. The INDUSTRY-E infrastructure which supports event services is not limited by platform, sector or application making it one of the most robust, scalable and powerfully dynamic architectures available. Specifically targeted at short-term engagements, INDUSTRY-E is developing the first “pay per use” service model in the hosting market. As web environments become more complex and content becomes demand driven, it is vital that services and resources be available on an “as needed” basis. INDUSTRY-E relieves the company of the investment in time, resources and costly technology that would otherwise be associated with Internet event delivery.


Technology/Proprietary Rights


INDUSTRY-E is addressing the issue of resource intensive content delivery through the allocation and deployment of on-demand customized resources. Through a global provisioning system capable of delivering resources in customer specific configurations, INDUSTRY-E is accelerating resource delivery through automation of what are typically manual processes.


Market Opportunities


INDUSTRY-E operates within the Internet hosting market. A $2 billion dollar industry, the hosting market is projected to reach $16 billion by 2002. The hosting market is fueled by the need for businesses to outsource the resources and operations of their web environment. There are still service aspects going unfulfilled in the hosting market. Many businesses have short-term hosting needs, INDUSTRY-E classifies these short-term hosting needs as events. INDUSTRY-E is building the first hosting model that is supported through event based services and targeted at the short-term hosting needs of the customer.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


Through a direct sales force and referrals from its technology partners, INDUSTRY-E derives its revenue from three primary sources; professional, event and deployment services. The modular component approach used to price its services allows INDUSTRY-E to offer fixed cost, scheduled term pricing throughout each revenue center. The independent functional activities of the revenue centers are completely complimentary with each other and can internally drive additional business. INDUSTRY-E works with the customer to understand their environment and how to best deploy it in short-term times of need. This model has the secondary effect of providing INDUSTRY-E with a low barrier to entry in the hosting market and helps INDUSTRY-E obtain crucial strategic partnerships within the industry.




INDUSTRY-E internally develops and integrates the underlying content and configuration tools that drive its provisioning system as well as the operational aspects of its event service model. Hardware and software used in building out the INDUSTRY-E infrastructure is from best-of-breed third party suppliers.




Competition in the hosting market is both broad and diverse. However, there are no service providers offering potentially ancillary services with a flexible and cost effective, utility like, “pay per use” model as well as capabilities for hosting web environments with dynamic, demand based, short-term requirements.


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