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Dr. George Calhoun, Chairman
Boaz Zilberman, Acting CEO 
Jan Klien, CFO

Product Line or Service


ExpertCall is developing a new Internet infrastructure application, for companies trying to develop effective e-commerce operations.


Our proposition is that e-commerce is often crippled by the lack of adequate online customer services – ranging from basic email and phone support for assisting website visitors to navigate and execute transactions on complex sites, to ancillary services such as privacy certification, e-wallet support, and the like. E-tailers today are forced to seek out various partial solutions and integrate these on their own, at very considerable expense. ExpertCall provides a pre-packaged solution for e-tailers who want to instantly upgrade their web-based customer service capabilities to match those of the major branded e-tailers (like – at a much lower cost.


E-tailers can execute all the necessary steps to activate the ExpertCall solution over the Web. And as we add new capabilities or modify the interface, these enhancements are instantly available to our subscribers from our server-based ASP. 


Technology/Proprietary Rights


SiteTabs technology enables us to automatically identify and deliver customer-care capabilities for any site, and to present these in “tab” form to visitors. We can show it to you, on your own site, at the click of a mouse. 

  • The system is in operation today.
  • Scalable Server-based operation.
  • Modular SW functionality.
  • WAP-enabled for wireless and hand-held devices.
  • Multi-language support (CRM in Spanish, Korean, etc.)
  • Protected by a number of pending patents.

Market Opportunities


ExpertCall provides a solution for mainstream retailers, large and small, who are trying to become effective as e-tailers. The ExpertCall offering is a complete pre-packaged system of customer care services:

  • Instant Integration: One source for the whole customer care solution. 
  • Much Lower Cost than assembling diverse partial solutions.
  • Can be installed and turned up in seconds without special technical expertise.
  • Can be reconfigured, expanded and customized easily by the merchant.
  • The smallest e-tailer can match the customer care capabilities of the biggest sites.

Our solution allows any company to match the customer service capabilities of the largest sites, inexpensively. We level the playing field for retailers who are trying to do business in a new environment. We supplement the company’s own web-content with a standard CRM format. We help companies to:

  • Save costs by providing a wide range of instant support functions for a low monthly fee.
  • Preserve investment by seamlessly integrating existing systems and content.
  • Get going immediately with a try-it-change-it implementation that requires no technical support.
  • Personalize the offers and constantly monitor customer behavior on the site.
  • Equalize the support offering on all sites, enabling smaller sites to better compete with branded Web sites. 

Marketing/Sales and Distribution


The business model is real, and highly efficient. ExpertCall is an Applications Service Platform (ASP) for e-tailers. Our customers are the e-tail site operators – it is a B2B model.

  • We market to the e-tailer electronically
  • Compelling “Before and After” presentation of the e-tailer’s own web site. 
  • E-tailers design their own CRM packages from our menu over the Web.
  • Free trial, followed by monthly subscription for the e-tailer – $30 - 80/month.
  • Consumers are recruited by viral marketing through the e-tail sites.

Our marketing costs are low. We have structured a process to allow e-tailers to view the service and the user interface, to configure their specific service package, to subscribe and to pay – all online. In addition, we work with selected partners to promote private-labeled versions of the ExpertCall service. Each subscribing e-tailer becomes an “infection” point for transmitting the service to visiting consumers – who will be offered the option to “take the product home with you” by downloading it to their PC. 




In the course of extensive research, and based upon our long experience and broad contacts within the web-enabled call center and customer care industry, we have not identified a company or product that competes directly with the ExpertCall SiteTabs application described here.


There are many companies that are working on various aspects of the problem of enhancing customer care on the web, most by focusing on providing specific solutions to one or another customer service function (such as email handling or “live person” support). In fact, we expect to team up with some of these partial solution providers on a “best of breed” basis, to integrate them into the ExpertCall packaged solution. However, no other company we have identified is planning to bring a comprehensive ensemble solution to e-tailers.


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