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Sycom Technologies, Inc.
1239 Parkway Avenue
Ewing, NJ 08628
Ph: (609) 530-0200
Fax: (609) 530-0217

Ari Naim, Founder & Chairman
Ronald J. Wlkins, President & CEO
Michael M. Lamb, Esq., VP, Market Development
Gideon M. Naim, VP, Finance and Planning
Joel Wolensky, Director of DSP Engineering
J. Gary Hand, VP, National Sales

Product Line or Service — Sycom Technologies, Inc., is a pioneer in providing proprietary imbedded solutions for voice and data management in portable devices. This proprietary technology is necessary to interface with personal computers, transfer, organize, store and retrieve audio data. The evolution of digital voice technology and the introduction of wireless networks have set the stage for a new era of Sycom’s personal communications products. This next generation of product is analogous to a portable answering machine that will be marketed as an extension to the mature paging and voicemail industries. The devices will allow subscribers to receive their voice messages without ever touching a telephone ("follow-me" voicemail). Sycom’s wireless pocket devices will combine an expanse of organizational tools (e.g., telephone/address, calendar, todos with alarms, etc.) with wireless voicemail delivery.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Sycom’s intellectual property in the field of voice management and its license to Motorola’s protocol, "InFLEXion", represent significant achievements. These achievements, together with the relationships Sycom has with Motorola and CONXUS, currently the only viable nation-wide network carrier for InFLEXion, creates a strong barrier to entry. Sycom plans to further solidify these relationships with equity interests as necessary. The technology implemented by Sycom and Motorola will be the standard for use on the CONXUS network as well as any future networks utilizing the InFLEXion protocol. In comparison to standard cell phones or digital PCS phones, InFLEXion’s extremely low cost per user will insure this technology’s place in the market. Sycom expects to participate in a duopoly with Motorola for at least 18 months. Technology, licensing, key relationships, and capital required to bring a product to market, will all be barriers in extending the duration of this duopoly.

Market Opportunities — Extensive market research has sized the market for voice paging at 2.1 billion dollars over the next 4 years. There are currently over 50 million paging service subscribers in the United Sates. Industry research affirms that over 30% of current subscribers and an additional 15% of non-subscribers, would be interested in voice paging. Similar research suggests that 36% of the nation’s 40 million voicemail subscribers would upgrade to "follow-me" voicemail. Companies such as CONXUS, Motorola, Lucent, PageNet, and Amtel have already committed extensive resources to develop InFLEXion wireless technology and infrastructure. The major voicemail resellers, the Regional Bell Operating Companies, such as Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, Bell South, U.S. West etc., have projected the need for 13 million units by 2005. But the demand for these improved services does not stop at the U.S. borders; Europe and Asia represent markets wide open to the implementation of these economical wireless networks.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — Management has formed close relationships with six of the top voicemail manufacturers, the Regional Bell Operating Companies, as well as Dictaphone Corporation. They are all negotiating with Sycom to develop an implementation of this technology to help proliferate their voicemail services. Motorola and Lucent are anticipating Sycom’s solution to enhance their present technology. CONXUS has agreed to take Sycom’s product to market through their consortium of paging carriers and resellers, representing over 20 million existing paging subscribers. Sycom will resell the CONXUS network through its other distribution partners. This will insure that Sycom will not only be able to enjoy revenues from device sales but also share in the income streams generated by ongoing service contracts.

Competition — Motorola holds the key patents and proprietary rights to the protocol, InFLEXion used for the delivery of voice and data over wireless networks. In addition to Sycom, InFLEXion has been licensed to Philips, Uniden and Wireless Access. Sycom’s license is unique in that it allows a certain level of innovations not permitted by the other licenses. For this and a variety of other reasons, none of these companies presently has plans to offer their own InFLEXion based hardware solution. However, Uniden has agreed to assist Sycom in the design and manufacturing of a Sycom device.

Manufacturing — The design, development, and manufacturing of Sycom’s products is managed in the United States. Due to economic pressures, most assembly and manufacturing is done off shore at a variety of highly qualified manufacturing partners in Korea and China. Sycom’s management utilizes the engineering and other technical resources of its manufacturing partners, at its discretion, to take advantage of overseas economies for non-core technology development.

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