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RouteLink, Inc.
1914 Aubrey Place
Vienna, VA 22182
Ph: (703) 242-4444
Fax: (703) 242-3998

Paul Albert, President & CEO
Don Hutchinson, CTO
Molly Remes, Director of Communications

Product Line or Service — RouteLink is an Internet-based freight matching service that allows users to create an efficient and effective spot market matching available loads and available trucks. Shippers, carriers, and third-party intermediaries, such as freight brokers and logistics management companies, are able to use RouteLink to list and search for available heavy freight shipments and available trucks within the continental United States. Users are able to choose to search and post within their own closed communities or to a "public trading floor" on a case-by-case basis.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — RouteLink was developed by an award-winning team with more than 50 years combined experience in database management and online information products. RouteLink offers a number of unique features and capabilities, including real-time alerts, intra-route searching and business community support, that maximize the relevance of information provided.

Market Opportunities — Over 840,000 businesses in the U.S. are involved in moving heavy freight by truck. While the industry has developed numerous tools that help shippers and carriers do long range planning, there are no truly effective tools to address load and truck availabilities that occur in the normal course of the day. Partly because of this, trucks travel over 30 billion miles a year empty. RouteLink is an Internet-based real-time carrier optimization tool that helps shippers work with their established carrier base to match available loads and trucks that traditional planning tools have not been able to address. In addition to providing shippers a better way to work with their existing business partners. RouteLink provides a leading edge method for shippers to find new business partners to cover specific spot load requirements.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — RouteLink will be sold directly and through VAR channels. Negotiations are underway with a number of national sales channels focusing on shipper needs.

Competition — There are several existing services that solely serve to help shippers and carriers establish new relationships. RouteLink is the only freight matching service that helps shipper work more efficiently and effectively with their existing relationships. Rather than replacing existing relationships that have already been formed in the market, only RouteLink leverages the power of these relationships by providing a turnkey extranet application that offers clear advantages over traditional communications channels for the sharing of available load and vehicle information.

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