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Mindbridge - "Instant Intranet" Software
275 Commerce Drive, Suite 202
Fort Washington, PA 19034
Ph: (215) 283-9466
Fax: (215) 283-2590

Dave Christian, President
Mark Dorfman, CFO
Scott Testa, COO

Product Line or Service — Mindbridge has developed software that allows organizations to easily build and maintain an intranet. Mindbridge’s prominent position in the custom web application development market has lead us to conclude that there is a market for several core Foundation Applications as "shrink-wrapped" applications. These applications include Company Directory/Employee Information, Expense Reports, Time Sheets, Threaded Discussions, Group Scheduling. Mindbridge’s "Instant Intranet" software is built in Java to provide maximum flexibility and cross-platform compatibility.

Mindbridge’s current customers include Eli Lilly, GE Medical, Bell-Atlantic, Harris, US Army Corp of Engineers and Better Homes and Gardens Online.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Mindbridge plans to protect and exploit its proprietary core technology. It will rely on a combination of copyright, trademark, and contractual provisions to protect its intellectual property rights in its products.

Market Opportunities — Our industry is expecting huge growth. According to Forrester, "(The) next generation services to build and manage distributed infrastructure and ECommerce/Internet will account for $173 billion of the market in 2002." While various research firms measure growth differently, they agree that the current Intranet software market size is approximately $2 billion dollars and will grow to $12-20 billion in the year 2000. The International Data Corporation says "in 1996, the nearly $19 billion spent on Internet and Intranet products and services was equivalent to 26% of the marginal growth of the entire IT industry." RHI Consulting found, in a survey of 1400 CIO’s of firms with 100 or more people, that 66% of them either have an Intranet in place or plan to develop one over the next three years. While the specific niche, which we are addressing, may only occupy a small portion of these industry projections, we believe the market will exceed the current "GroupWare" solutions being sold today.

This software will provide the following value propositions of Low Cost of Entry, Universal Access, Lowering the cost of IT, Improved Productivity, Low Cost of Training and the Emotional Satisfaction of decision-makers being able to correctly say with pride that they have implemented a Java-based Intranet.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — It is our current thinking to pursue a "Netscape like" distribution strategy of:

1) Making this software available for free download over the Internet.

2) Bundling this software with as many system/database/server vendors as possible.

3) Legally license this software for 90 days of use only.

4) Make no attempt to enforce this license other than by restricting the number of support calls per serial number.

The key to conquering this market will to be to align ourselves with significant players in the market. According to the Yankee Group, "Traditional minicomputer and mainframe system providers – IBM, Digital Equipment Corp., and HP – are all entering into alliances or making acquisitions that will help them crack the burgeoning market for Intranets." In addition to these players, we will be targeting System Vendors like Apple, Netscape and SCO. We will also target the database vendors like Oracle, Informix and Sybase and the PC server Vendors like Compaq, Dell, NCR and Micron.

Mindbridge will institute a major public relations campaign. The investments in public relations will have a positive influence by establishing brand recognition. Initially we plan to develop a "two-tiered" sales channel strategy. This is mandated by the fact that average sale is going to be under $10,000.00. This sales force will consist of a small number of individuals whose sole function will be to sign-up Value Added Resellers. In conjunction with this a telesales force shall be developed and compensated to ensure that all (or most) sales occur within the Channel.

The final sales strategy we will pursue is that of OEM sales. This software will be architected in such a way to make customization for the major Internet/Intranet players relatively straightforward. Although it is difficult to forecast at this point, OEM sale could make up a large part of our sales volume and revenue.

Competition — Direct competitors include Intrablocks, Intranetics, Oblix Inc., Lotus/IBM Notes and IntraActive. The security architectures and the limited flexibility in these competing products was found by Mindbridge to be so deficient that it requires a response in the marketplace for a product like ours. Microsoft and Netscape do not currently have products that directly compete in this space but, we foresee them entering this market within one year.

Manufacturing — The manufacturing of the software disks and manuals will be outsourced.

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