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MCR Systems Inc.
401 South Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Ph: (215) 238-8881
Fax: (215) 238-9995

Ann S. Boris, Chairman and Founder
Christopher Dunne, CEO
Mary Schaheen, Director, New Business Development
Brian Wells, Chief Information Officer

Product Line or Service — MCR develops, implements and supports software and offers services that facilitate the collection, transmission, management, analysis and reporting of health care data collected by mobile workers. MCR’s mission is "to deploy information systems and services to help its customers collect, track, manage, and report patient care provided by an organization". MCR employs the most current Internet technology and hand-held computer equipment to provide customers with solutions to their information needs. MCR is committed to continuous quality improvement so that every product and service MCR offers is known as the best in the market.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Patent application in the process of filing for the methodology of using a palm-held device to collect survey data, the transmission of the data from remote locations, the transmission of the data to the palm-held device, and transmission of data between palm-held devices.

Market Opportunities — MCR’s initial target market is the nearly 1700 HMOs, PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations), PPMs (Physician Practice Management Companies), credentialing companies, and oversight organizations which perform over 30 million provider site surveys and medical record reviews annually (as estimated by the American Association of Health Plans 1998 Report). This represents an initial market size of $500 million with recurring revenues of $330 million annually. MCR expects its potential market to increase as its products for data warehousing and data mining are added to the core offering.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — MCR has a three-prong sales strategy that consists of the following: direct sales, strategic alliance with U.S. Robotics and IBM, distribution through consultive sales partners and group purchasing associations.


  • In house manual, paper-based methods of performing survey audits
  • Laptops without integrated software to collect, transmit, and manage the data.

With direct links to our customers, MCR delivers information converted to business insight. MCR’s emphasis is on providing mission critical content.

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