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Link Technology, Inc.
16 E. Rowan Street, Suite 110
Raleigh, NC 27609-5750
Ph: (919) 881-2121
Fax: (919) 881-2138

Dr. Constance F. Neely, Founder, CEO, Chief Technology Officer
Donald H. Wilson III, President, COO
Dr. Charles Sanders, Chairman of the Board

Product Line or Service — Link Technology, Inc. intends to focus on its current and near-term research and development efforts to produce the following products:

  • Endotoxin tests for research and industrial use
  • Endotoxin tests for clinical diagnostic use
  • Therapies to prevent organ injury induced by endotoxin and ischemia-reperfusion

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Link proprietary technologies are based on the following patent and patent applications:

Patents issued:

  • U.S. Patent for "Compositions and methods for the prevention and treatment of ischemia-reperfusion organ injury" (4/96).
  • International patent (PCT)/(USCIP) for "Prevention and treatment of ischemia-reperfusion and endotoxin related injury using adenosine and purino receptor antagonists" (3/98)

Patents allowed, but not yet issued:

  • U.S. patent for "Methods and kits for the detection of endotoxin" (1/98)
  • U.S. patent for "A1 adenosine antagonist compounds" (3/98)

Patent applications filed:

  • U.S. patent for "Methods and compositions for treating and diagnosing tumors" (11/96)
  • U.S. patent for "Compositions and methods for use in ischemia-reperfusion and endotoxin-related tissue injury""(1/98)
  • U.S. patent for "Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of fibrosis and sclerosis" (1/98)

Market Opportunities — The market size for Link’s current product development is estimated at $6 billion. The markets vary by product. The primary markets for Link’s endotoxin tests for research and industrial use are academic and pharmaceutical R&D laboratories and pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.

The primary markets for Link’s endotoxin tests for clinical diagnostic use are physicians in their offices, clinics, and hospitals where early detection and monitoring of gram negative bacterial infection is vital to appropriate patient treatment and outcome.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — Link will establish worldwide marketing channels through licensing, OEM and distribution relationships with leading pharmaceutical, medical device, and clinical instrumentation companies to capture significant market share.

Competition — The major competition for Link’s endotoxin tests for research and industrial use are Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (recently purchased by Seikagaku) and Bio Whittaker (recently purchased by Cambrex Corp.).

At the present time, Link knows of no competitors for its endotoxin tests for clinical diagnostic use. It knows of no company that has produced or is developing a clinical diagnostic test that can quantitatively detect endotoxin in bodily fluids.

Link believes that its patented technology and approach for its therapies to prevent damage induced by endotoxin will be superior to methods used by its competition which may include Alpha Beta Technologies, Bayer, Hoescht-Roussel, RIBI Immunochem, Xoma, and a host of other companies who will attempt to provide therapies to remedy the serious nature of septicemia. Link knows of no approach that would represent an effective competitive alternative to its proprietary and patented technology.

Manufacturing — Link will employ the services of custom manufacturers and develop strategic alliances with established diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies for its manufacturing.

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