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UltraLok-ContinOcean Tech, Inc.
12 Mountain Avenue
Montville, NJ 07045
Ph: (973) -257-1912
Fax: (973) 257-9634

Mr. S. Stanley Fischman, Chairman
Mrs. C. Tricia Liu, CEO & President
Mr. William Liew, COO & CTO

Product Line or Service — UltraLok™ completely replaces conventional ignition locks/keys by using an electronic device installed deep inside a motor vehicle and controlled by a small wireless remote-controller. The remote-controller is all you need for starting, driving, stopping, securing your car and controlling lights, doors, trunk, and more. It takes 40 to 90 minutes longer for thieves to steal a car with UltraLok™ installed. Anti-theft function is automatically activities once you turn off your car. It can be installed on both new and aftermarket vehicles. Product cost is below $40/unit to mass production.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — The technology is fully protected by one issued U.S. patent and one U.S. pending patent. Other patent application is being considered.

Market Opportunities — The security offered by a conventional ignition lock/key is limited since the conventional ignition locks are exposed at the front panel of automobiles and easily accessible and therefore do not provide sufficient anti-theft capabilities. In addition, people have to enter their cars to start the car and its heater or air conditioner. Even though some of the existing "anti-theft" devices provide extra protection for motor vehicles, they are all extra add-on devices to make up the weakness of the ignition lock. A big drawback of these devices is that a driver always has to carry and operate both an anti-theft device and an ignition key. A few existing "remote starting" devices do not provide any driving capabilities and cannot replace the conventional ignition locks/keys.

UltraLock™ is the first product consolidating the functions of ignition lock/key and add-on anti-theft devices. It offers many desirable features never seen in conventional motor vehicles and the keyless driving will certainly lead the trend of the automobile industry as automatic transmissions, power brakes, and air bags did in the history of the automobile industry. 

Competition — UltraLok™ is the pioneer who introduced the concept of keyless driving. The product is protected by the world’s first issued patent in the field, and is equipped with cutting-edge wireless communication and digital-signal-processing technologies.

UltraLok™ does not face any direct competition in the wireless-controlled keyless driving market. Ignition locks/keys and add-on anti-theft devices compete indirectly with UltraLok™. UltraLok™ has the competitive edge to beat its competitors since UltraLok™ is the only product consolidating the function of ignition lock/key and add-on anti-theft devices and is the only product offering the ultimate security for automobiles and the most comfortable way of driving.

Manufacturing — All components, PCB and electronic packaging are outsourced. Final assembly and testing are performed in-house.

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