Companies to Watch: AthenaBio (continued)    

AthenaBio is uniquely able to culture these pathogens and use them as targets for development of new therapeutics.

AthenaBio has created libraries from rich and diverse sources of highly bioactive molecules that serve as the basis for novel drugs and crop protection compounds. With these molecules AthenaBio has successfully filled the void created by decreasing rates of new product introductions in pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries.

The great quality of product created by AthenaBio has caught the attention of several pharmaceutical companies that are interested in screening BioSource™ libraries for their drug discovery programs.

"AthenaBio has achieved its first year start-up goals and is rapidly moving into commercialization" says Dr. Marrs, "We will launch our first BioSource™ library in the pharmaceutical market in early 2006."

Athena Biotechnologies, Inc. Stine-Haskell Research Center 1090 Elkton Road Newark, DE 19714 302-224-3450 x305 , Barry L. Marrs Ph. D [email protected] For more information visit