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Re-Track USA, Inc.
75 Montebello Road
Suffern, NY 10901
Ph: 914-369-3240
Fax: 914-369-7827

Martin Kelly, President/CEO
Michael Garvin,
Vice President
Samuel Gilner,
VP Finance

Product Line or Service — The Company’s flagship product is the retractable STAT-TRAK™ Safety Syringe which incorporates patented retraction technology which enables a health care professional to retract the needle permanently into the barrel with little change in operating technique. This renders the syringe unusable, allowing the device to be discarded safely and conveniently. The Company also has another safety medical device, STAT-DENTAL™, a retractable dental syringe.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — The Company’s STAT-TRAK™ Safety Syringe and STAT-DENTAL™ Syringe is proprietary technology that is protected under four (4) patents in the United States as well as ten (10) patents internationally. At present, there are nineteen (19) patent applications pending in countries overseas.

Market Opportunities — The hypodermic syringe market is in a state of transition. Although the market continues to grow, the industry focus is directed toward manufacturers which provide safety syringes. A wait and see attitude will soon change to a buy posture. Healthcare providers are being pressured to begin using safety syringes by concerned workers, government agencies and insurers.

Unit sales in the United States alone for all syringe types are projected to reach over 5.6 billion units in 1996. The global market has been estimated at twice the U.S. market, bringing the projected number of syringes produced in 1996 to 11.2 billion. These estimates were based on a November, 1995 research report ("Theta Report") published by the Theta Corporation, a Connecticut-based market research firm. According to the report, the transition from standard syringes to safety syringes (those which incorporate features designed to cover the needle of the syringe to prevent against accidental needlestick injuries) is being driven by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — The Company has conducted a thorough review and test of its competitors’ "safety" syringes. Based on this review and a comprehensive market study, the Company intends to market its STAT-TRAK™ (1cc, 3cc, 5cc and 10cc sizes) as the only "truly effective" safety syringe available for the U.S. market. The Company believes that sleeve syringes, which comprise approximately ninety percent (90%) of the safety syringe market and which are currently marketed by Becton Dickinson and Sherwood Medical, are awkward to use, provide inadequate protection, provide a false sense of security and are susceptible to reuse by intravenous drug users.

The Theta Corporation Report confirms that the healthcare community is anxiously awaiting an effective safety syringe and a significant demand exists for the "right" product. The Company believes that STAT-TRAK™ syringe provides all of the desired safety features.

Furthermore, according to the Theta Report, the sale of safety syringes will eclipse the sale of non-safety syringes by the end of this century. The upsurge in the market will be attributable in part to OSHA, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the demand by healthcare workers for increased availability of safety needle devices, and in part by the need of healthcare institutions to meet the requirements of insurers.

The Company is currently researching various distribution methods for its products. Initial limited production capability will be a major factor in the decision making process relative to distribution channels and methods. However, preliminary discussions referenced above, with distributors and buying groups, have revealed no reservation or reluctance by these parties to purchase the STAT-TRAK™ syringe, even in limited quantities initially.

Competition — The medical products device market, in particular the hypodermic syringe products market, is highly competitive. The leading manufacturers of hypodermic syringes are Becton Dickinson, Sherwood Medical Products Co., a subsidiary of American Home Products Corp., and Terumo Medical Corp. Safety syringes are manufactured by Becton Dickinson and Sherwood Medical.

Manufacturing — The Company intends to manufacture and produce the STAT-TRAK™ 1cc, 3cc, 5cc and 10cc Safety Syringe using an existing third party manufacturing facility. The Company intends to achieve such manufacturing and production capabilities under a formal manufacturing and production contract. To date, the Company has carried out limited evaluation of such facilities.

Financial — At this time, it is difficult to accurately forecast revenue and profits because joint venture agreements have not been finalized. However, based on current negotiations with a number of potential strategic partners and the potential for product orders from certain overseas countries, management believes that its two safety syringe products can produce substantial revenues for the Company in the future.

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