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OBOS, Inc.
3411 Silverside Road, Rodney Building, Suite 100E
Wilmington, DE 19810
Ph: (302) 478-8815
Fax: (302) 478-8832

Leslie A. Jones, Chairman
Anthony G. Reynolds, President & CEO
Curtis D. Baker, CFO & Senior VP Operations

Product Line or Service — The company’s product line includes turn-key and a la carte offerings in order entry, remote payment processing, signature capture, time-sheeting, and data collection. The firm also sells directly its One Button Remote Scanner (the primary device around which the offerings are built) and serves as a reseller of several vendors’ character recognition software for supporting workstations.

Simply put, the OBOS solution is the easiest way to order and pay.

For those customers who do not want to manage data verification and entry in-house, OBOS operates a service bureau that will receive orders (or any other data) in image form from the field, convert the image into data, then send it directly to a database. The data are delivered in exactly the file format required, along with electronic copies of the original images for easy archiving and retrieval.

OBOS offers a comprehensive asset management program which tracks, monitors and maintains remote scanners in the field. This exclusive service takes care of all the problems associated with mobile sales forces and multiple remote points of sale.

OBOS also provides forms design and printing services, help desk assistance, and offers a wide variety of leasing plans.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Patent pending on the OBOS One Button Remote Scanner. Several proprietary software products for "key from image" applications, as well as image archiving and retrieval.

Market Opportunities — The market potential for OBOS is such that it could become as ubiquitous as the ordinary telephone. Target markets currently are direct selling companies, industrial wholesalers and distributors, hotels, temporary employment agencies, grocery stores and data collection companies.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — OBOS sells directly through its own sales force, as well as through selected VAR relationships. Principal account development channels are targeted mail, trade show exposition, technical publication advertising, and articles. The firm has in-house marketing capability and has engaged external public relations support.

Competition — There are no direct competitors to OBOS. The firm’s proprietary solutions are compliments to, as opposed to substitutes for, high technology products that feature direct Internet or computer interfaces.

In the rush toward the Internet, e-commerce and all things Web-related, one segment has been overlooked – the majority of the population that either doesn’t have or doesn’t want to have a computer to purchase or pay for merchandise. Though Internet usage will continue to grow, OBOS technology, with its unmatched simplicity and ease of use, has a vital role to play for years to come. OBOS is a cost effective substitute for labor and capital intensive approaches like call centers, IVRS, fax, mail and central scanning.

Manufacturing — Manufactures the OBOS One Button Remote Scanner through an outsourced supply chain.

Financial — 1997 revenues: $200,000
                    1998 target:   $7.5M
                    1999 target:      $24M

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