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Sponsors Corner: Comerica (continued)

Comerica Bank is a commercial and private bank that offers services globally ranging in the areas of personal finance, small business banking, financial planning, trust services and wealth and institutional management.

Comerica is committed to community development inside the financial and business arena. They recently announced a $910,000 grant given to four non-profit organizations that specialize in financing and consulting services for small businesses and first time homeowners. Comerica was also recently featured in Diversity Inc . magazine as one of the top 50 diverse companies in 2006.

For More information on Comerica Bank, please visit their website at

Volume 8, September 2006 Issue
Upcoming Events

Bio Life Tech
December 4th, 2006
The Nassau Inn
Princeton, NJ

Presenter Application Deadline:
October 20 2006

Coaching Workshop:
November 20th, 2006

Bio-Life-Tech was one of the best venture fairs I have ever attended.  The coaching portion of the experience, usually viewed as a mandatory prerequisite to the main event, was extremely well done and worth the price of admission alone.  Challenging, effective, and fun, it clearly made a difference in the way I presented and communicated the value of RedPath.  And we’ve already generated serious interest from a fund – no better way to assess the value of a road show! 

Mary Del Brady
President & CEO

RedPath Integrated Technology
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