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Textronics: The Next Step in Intelligent Apparel

The company's unique product solutions are based on technology that includes conductive elastic yarns, variable resistive polymers, flexible conductive interconnect cables, and physiological monitoring sensors and garments. In 2005, Textronics introduced the NuMetrex Heart Sensing Sports Bra, the first consumer garment to incorporate heart rate monitoring technology into the knit of the garment itself.

The company is currently marketing its textile electrode technology for a variety of medical applications, including cardiac event recorders, EKG monitoring, stress testing, Holter monitoring, trans-telephonic pacemaker monitors, and respiration sensing devices. Offering functional capabilities that are comparable to adhesive electrodes, Textronics ' textile electrodes offer more comfortable and less cumbersome solutions that can improve patient compliance by eliminating skin irritation and other discomforts commonly experienced, especially in extended wear applications. Electro-textile technology can also be used for heating applications to treat hypothermia or otherwise warm patients with a light-weight warming fabric


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Volume 9, October 2006 Issue
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