Companies to Watch: Safend (continued)


"Early Stage East significantly aided our capital raising efforts" said Dor Skuler, Vice President of Business Development for Safend. "We attended last spring's show, where we met a large number of top-tier investors," said Skuler. "With such a variety of potential partners at the show, we were able to find investors whose portfolio and expertises were a match for our products and funding needs."

"Data is as susceptible to theft or introduction of malicious code via removable media as the Internet," said Gil Sever, CEO of Safend. "We developed Safend Protector to give IT managers iron-clad control over enterprise endpoints, yet keep access management simple. Managers can set policies regarding which user can connect which peripheral device across all communication ports, and be sure those policies are enforced with the industry's strongest tamper-resistant lockdown."

"We have 400 computers to manage," said Gene Peters, Director of Information Services for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. "Utilizing Safend's product was a decision that allows us to maintain our current security level without rebuilding PCs. It's well thought-out and performs even better than we expected, covering a wider scope than all the other solutions we considered."

Building on their landmark first product, USB Port Protector , Safend's new product the Safend Protector

provides the most comprehensive and tamper-proof endpoint security available. Safend Protector , available through resellers internationally, controls data access from the physical ports of all enterprise endpoints, such as USB, FireWire, WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA), and CD/DVDs.

Safend has seen success on several fronts, recently winning the European Red Herring Top 100 Private Company award as well as being a finalist in the Most Innovative Product area at the 2005 Ben Franklin Emerging Business Awards in addition to their new product release.

Dor Skuler
Vice President, Business Development

Safend, Inc.
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