Companies to Watch: Melior (continued)    

seek corporate partners for further clinical development. We are very excited to have quickly and cost effectively identified ”IND” candidates, which prove our technology captures the untapped value of discontinued compounds. With these remarkable results, Melior Discovery is poised to be the leader in Indications Discovery.”

Melior Discovery, an emerging biotechnology company, has developed a unique platform of multiplexed in vivo assays that systematically uncovers new therapeutic indications for late stage compounds (Indications Discovery). The Melior platform combines over thirty of these assays in a manner that makes it practical to comprehensively screen a molecule for its potential efficacy across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas. Melior conducts proprietary and partnered programs, developing its own internal pipeline of acquired compounds as well as performing collaborative research for pharmaceutical partners.

Andrew Reaume, PhD
President and CEO
Melior Discovery
371 Phoenixville Pike
Malvern , PA 19355
[email protected]