Who We Are

Early Stage East® (ESE) is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 by venture capitalists, angel investors, industry service providers and entrepreneurs dedicated to seeing early stage companies grow and succeed. ESE has grown from a one-day venture capital fair to a year-round series of events and endeavors to bring entrepreneurs and investors together under one roof in order to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between them. The ESE events provide a platform, to pre-selected, screened and vetted  entrepreneurs and early stage companies, to present their business opportunities, get funding and subsequently grow their business.  Since its inception, over 600 companies have participated in programs and have gone on to raise in excess of $1 billion in investment capital.

What We Do

Early Stage East® has emerged as the largest geographic venture conference for promising young companies. Early Stage East® has hosted a variety of events and conferences including our ‘trademark’ Early Stage East® (ESE) Venture Capital Conference and Bio-Life-Tech (BLT) our life-science oriented early stage venture capital conference. Early Stage East® has also hosted entrepreneurial education programs including From Vision to Value, our very popular panel series and Building a Great Business, our one day seminar. Additionally, Early Stage East® has hosted annual golf tournaments, panel discussions and other events to foster networking among the leaders of the entrepreneurial economy.

Early Stage East® has a long-standing tradition of providing entrepreneurial education programs to entrepreneurs and companies looking to build a great business! Continuing in that tradition, our From Vision to Value series feature sessions on topics such as ‘Capital Formation’, ‘Growing Profitability’, ‘Valuing Employees’ and ‘Creating Liquidity’.

Who Attends ESE Events

Early Stage East® is supported by a key group of Sponsors and Venture Capitalists. Our events attract a wide audience of entrepreneurs and innovators ready to scale for growth as well as venture capital, institutional and angel investors. On average, each venture conference attracts over 500 attendees.