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GRO, Inc.
66 Witherspoon Street, Suite 337
Princeton, NJ 08540
Ph: (609) 497-1737
Fax: (609) 924-0582

Joseph Faber, President
Emily Nelson, Editor and Publisher
John Doe, Marketing Director

Product Line or Service — GRO’s first product is a system to guide and monitor students’ independent reading, a tool that teachers can use a modern-day alternative to the time-honored book report or as a prerequisite to the writing of one. Example: A student reads a book. He sits down in front of a computer to take a multiple choice test we’ve developed for that title. The test is automatically scored, and the result is stored in the student’s record for the teacher to review at any time. All interactions—taking tests or reviewing records—are seamlessly conducted through a simple, intuitive, web-based interface.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Software and content will be protected by copyright.

Market Opportunities — GRO (Guided Reading Online) is an Internet-services company, providing education content and software to public and private elementary and secondary schools, and homeschools. Conceived in 1996 and currently at seed stage. GRO was formed as an Internet operation to support and monitor children’s independent reading.

The latest U.S. figures indicate that more than 70 percent of elementary schools and almost 80 percent of secondary school have access to the Internet. But despite these percentages, the Internet’s value as an educational resource has yet to be realized. There are few mass-market products that make the Internet necessary in the classroom. GRO intends to change this by developing a series of services—through proprietary content and software—for students at every grade level.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — GRO’s primary market consists of the 30 million American children in more than 80,000 elementary and middle schools (73% of which have Internet access) and the 500,000 homeschoolers in grades 2-8 nationwide.

Competition — No other company produces and Internet-based reading management program, but three firms for market reading monitoring software on disks:

        -- Advantage Learning Systems (30,000 customer schools)
        -- Electronic Bookshelf (12,000 customer schools)
        --  Bookshop (500 customer schools)

Manufacturing — N/A

Financial —
A major segment of our marketing will rely upon conventional educational channels: trade shows, print ads, and direct mail. However, GRO will also advertise in appropriate locations on the Internet and employ direct sales methods—send a sales force into those geographic areas we identify as most promising for the company.

Product sales for the last 12 months: None

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