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Enterprise Messaging Services, Inc.
905 Airport Road, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19380
Ph: (610) 701-7002
Fax: (610) 701-7004

Anurag Singh, President & Founder
Richard Brucker, Director, Sales & Marketing
John Daniel, Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Jastej Singh Dhingra, Managing Director, R & D
Sharada Singh, Vice President, Finance and Human Resource

Product Line or Service

Current: Application software and Telecommunications consulting. TelAccess‚ and VASE‚ products for the Interactive Voice Response and Computer Telephony market.

Future: Expand base consulting business and create Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) Products for competitive telephone service providers and corporations.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — Trade secrets, know-how, and products developed during five years of consulting with Regional Bell Operating Companies using Unisys, Microsoft and other development environments.

Market Opportunities — Enterprise Messaging Services (EMS) will transition from a general consulting company with telecommunications expertise to a software product and consulting company devoted to the Advanced Intelligent Network. The company’s plan is:

1) To strengthen its core general and telecommunications consulting business ($1.3M in actual revenue in 1997 - $5.4M of consulting revenue projected by 2002),

2) To broaden its telecommunications consulting base to the Advanced Intelligent Network arena ($1.5M in revenue by 2002), refine technology and establish market space for EMS products,

3) To develop and market Advanced Intelligent Network Products ($2.0M in revenue by 2000, $8M in 2002).

Company projects $15M in revenues and $5.9M in profits by 2002 with a potential for $50M in revenues if the product market crystalizes quickly.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — Direct and channel sales to software and telecommunications market. Business Partner relationships with Unisys, Microsoft and MicroStrategy. Channels for Advanced Intelligent Network products are currently being developed. Customers include Unisys, Pacific Bell, NYNEX, Orange, U.K.

Competition — EMS targets a new market space for Advanced Intelligent Network products. Large companies such as Lucent and Northern Telecom dominate the high end market, but the segment below – third tier telcos and corporations operating private phone systems, represent an opportunity for EMS. In consulting, there are numerous players, large and small, such as Arthur Andersen, EDS, and Perot Systems but EMS focuses on a geographical niche in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

Manufacturing — EMS software products will integrate with standard hardware components.

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