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Michael J. Coar, Jr., President
Joe Arnold, Chief Financial Officer
Thomas Davenport, Director, Sales and Marketing

Product Line or Service





  • Application for opening and viewing VirPack
  • FREE Basic viewer available at our website


  • Our main VirPack creation software
  • Creates VirPack from data, files, and scanned images


  • Controls import, export, and email of VirPack
  • Integrates with large enterprise systems




  • We provide email connection and delivery of VirPack
  • No stress on internal email systems


  • Store VirPack copies to disk
  • Provides accessibility with electronic archive


  • We store VirPack online
  • Provides instant access to information

Technology/Proprietary Rights:

  • Applications software is copyrighted.
  • VirPack is a registered trademark.
  • Currently, numerous patents are pending PTO approval.

Market Opportunities:


Our company got its start in consulting for the mortgage banking industry; therefore, this is our primary focus at this time. Due to the functionality of VirPack, any industry or business that moves paper is a prospective customer. The VirPack allows for a business to send documents electronically over the Internet via email, FTP, or website. Throughout the past several months, every mortgage bank that we have met with has found various uses for our product. The “uses” list continues to grow everyday! Our sales/marketing department will soon begin focusing on the following industries: Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Education, Military, and Government. 


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


Currently, all of our marketing/sales efforts are internally based. 




Throughout exhaustive searching for trademark and patent research, no other company has developed any product that does what we do. I will define differences between VirPack and: Adobe Acrobat, ZIP, and simple email. Acrobat converts various file types to a static file (just a picture of the original) called a PDF. This is useless except for viewing only. A ZIP file allows you to take many different objects and package them in a single container, but there are no rules applied to how the contents are shown (forcing you to open the file just to see what is inside). While email will support multiple attachments, you need to open the attachment to see what’s inside. What would you do with an email with 50 attachments? VirPack contains any file type and data along with it, and with files in their original format, the recipient can use the information inside.


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