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Roy Kime, CEO
Jonas Gyllensvaan, CTO
Casey Corcoran, COO

Product Line


UwapIt is leveraging standardized WAP protocol and existing technology to put the power of the Internet into hands of businesses everywhere through its Automatic Gateway Builder (AGB) and customized applications solutions. All major web-enabled mobile devices, such as a PDA, cellular phone or two-way pager, can access web resources as well as proprietary content or secure databases via UWapIt’s B2B wireless gateway that hosts applications that support WAP functionality. 


By hosting modular applications, UWapIt offers ASP services to clients seeking a reliable link between approved mobile devices, the World Wide Web and client company’s Intranets. Client companies can go to UwapIt’s web site (www.uwapit.com) and select from a series of existing applications on the Automatic Gateway Builder and immediately enable their entire workforce to email, fax, alter inventory etc. through web-enabled wireless devices. Unlike any other competitor in this space, UwapIt is the only company with instant delivery capabilities that empowers clients to pick and choose WAP services day or night. There are six applications up and running today and predict two dozen applications by Early Stage East. 


The final result, businesses have 24/7 global access to the world’s most important data - their own. 


Technology Proprietary Rights


Management believes its Automatic Gateway Builder technology can be patented to ensure solid proprietary rights in light of an evolving legal landscape impacting the entire technology sector. The code utilized to support the AGB is a combination of C++, XML and SQL. 


Market Opportunities


The wireless Internet is exploding and poised to take over the PC-based market. According to International Data Corporation, the adoption of web-enabled devices will surge from 3 million in 2000 to 61.5 million in 2003. UwapIT anticipate two types of customers: (1) members of a mobile workforce in need of a customized ASP able to support their constantly evolving needs and (2) recreational users. 


Research on the mobile workforce trend indicates that of the 110 million U.S. workers, 9.1 million telecommute. While the percentage has stayed below 10 percent thus far, according to Gartner Group the work-at-home ranks grow by about 14 percent annually and there will be 55 million telecommuters by 2000. These are people that need to be in touch with their corporate data as the lifeline between headquarters and their transient workstation. 


UwapIt is a solid fit for mobile salesforces and telecommuters in that we unleash real data in real time. 


Marketing Sales Distribution


There is a three-tier marketing and sales strategy that drives UwapIt aside from traditional sales efforts: 

  1. Viral marketing to create more customers

With each wireless message recipients have the ability to become fully WAP enabled at no cost. 

  1. Sales through strategic alliances
  2. UwapIt has existing relationships with Ikimbo.com, SwapDrive.com and CapitalOne whereby clients can WAP enable their existing customer base. 

“The Addiction Model” 


Clients enjoy a 90-day free trial period that dissolves any existing barriers to entry and reduces the risk incurred with the adoption of a new technology. Management is confident that this structure will facilitate a rapid customer acquisition rate.








UWapIT’s core differentiators is the AGB that supports “buffet style service” on an always open basis. 


Ztango has a strong presence in Europe. It has developed a platform that is being taken to market for both “B2B” and “B2C” customers. Ztango’s functionality is not as strong as UWapIT’s numerous applications and Automated Gateway. 


Geoworks offers a product that permits applications to be “operating system agnostic.” UWapIT sees Geoworks as a potential partner.


Stategy.com is providing content pushed down to the hand-held device. UWapIT anticipates a mutually beneficial VAR relationship with Strategy.com. 


Mobilelogic provides end-to-end mobile solutions to Fortune 1000 clients. 


Shadowpack.com offers its clients a similar gateway, but is targeting the consumer market.


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