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Stroudsburg, PA 18360
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Ken Lovett, CEO, Chairman
Larry Roof, Chief Technology Officer

Product Line or Service


Our NextGen Agentä product is a revolutionary information platform for Real Estate Professionals. Using the Microsoft Pocket PC as our platform, we have created a product that truly enables the mobile professionals in our target vertical market to realize the dream if access to information anytime, anyplace. Through the use of distributed as well as wireless technologies we enable the end user to communicate in real time through the use of enhanced collaboration objects that will notify them of messages, prospect matches, email and more.


Technology/Proprietary Rights


We have copyrighted the NextGenä product and are in the process of trademark. We will also investigate the possibility of patenting this product. 


Market Opportunities


The overall size of our market is in excess of 750,000 customers. We firmly believe that we can attain a 10% market share within the first 3 years, which would lead us to $65 million dollars in year 3. This market penetration number could easily be exceeded if our platform is adopted as the “industry standard” as we believe it will be. We have the right product at the right time to take advantage of the mobile applications shift that is about to occur.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


Our Marketing/ Sales and Distribution channels are industry partners that we are in the process of negotiating with at this time. Several large MLS vendors representing over 300,000 REALTORS have expressed significant interest in our product and we are currently in negotiations with them. 


We are also using the REALTOR Associations as a sales and distribution partners. We have an agreement to test our product in Atlanta where they have over 13,000 members in the organization. The Association will promote and advertise our product as well as provide a significant endorsement.


In addition we will use the Internet as a Sales, Marketing and Distribution facility so that individual agents can order the product(s) on-line.




Our software production facility is in Dundee, Michigan and will produce ready to ship products. This will then either be preinstalled on Pocket PC hardware and shipped as a turnkey solution, or we will ship just the media for end user installation. We will be using Compact Flash, CD-ROM and Internet as our distribution vehicles.




Our primary competition is from Palm based software products. While the palm has a great deal of market share currently we feel that the Pocket PC is the platform that will be used for real business. Our products are far more robust and are priced comparably to other offerings. We feel that the Pocket PC platform with NextGen Agentä offers a service and product that the palm can not approach.


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