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Nitin Malhotra, CEO
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Product Line or Service


By combining the ubiquity and reach of the internet with the power of personalization and heuristic learning techniques, we will create the world’s dominant platform, online or off, for collecting consumer opinions, preferences, and activity data. This continually expanding database of information will perpetually grow more valuable as we expand the depth of our relationship with members. The result is the most powerful market research and direct marketing platform ever architected. 


Through an innovative mix of opinion polling, anticipatory event tracking, and adaptive data collection, will leverage its membership base into two powerful business assets: 1 - what we call ‘the pulse of the internet’, that is, the largest, perpetual accumulation of opinions, views, and attitudes on the internet, and 2 - a consumer profile database that is deeper, more granular, and more predictive than any other in existence.


With an emphasis on ‘holistic’ profiling and continuous data sharing, will deliver intelligently targeted, timely content personalized for each member. believes the unprecedented level of customized content our company delivers will hasten a fundamental change in the way consumers gather personally relevant data from the web, and, subsequently, dramatically alter the nature of personalization consumers demand from web sites and from direct marketers. 


Market Opportunity will be positioned to realize revenue from the multi-billion dollar market research and polling industry, the multi-billion dollar online marketing industry, and the trillion dollar e-commerce market. The company will generate revenue through four product families:
1. Market Research Services; 2. Targeted Marketing Services; 3. Customer Acquisition Services; and 4. Personalization Infrastructure Services. 


Marketing, Sales and Distribution


Clients: A sales force will be deployed to generate revenues for product families one, two and three above. The web will be used for automated sales of Market Research Services and Targeted Marketing Services. As an additional distribution channel for Market Research Services, the company will partner with advertising and PR firms nationwide (20,000+). A business development staff will be utilized to market the Personalization Infrastructure opportunity.


Consumers: must always have a first loyalty to consumers and communicate effectively that it will always put the consumer first. The company recognizes that only by focusing on privacy and building trusted, personal relationships over time can best help its members realize value. This value comes in various forms, including opportunities to: receive personalized content, influence decision-makers in business and government, and benefit from unique personal and aggregate buying opportunities. will utilize all of these components, plus some cash awards for referrals and perpetual activity, to create a consumer value proposition that fosters loyalty and perpetual activity by members.


Technology / Proprietary Rights


The technology driving our adaptive profiling and anticipatory event tracking is based on neural network principals of artificial intelligence as well as algorithms derived from graph theory.




Competitors fall into four primary categories: 

  • Online Polling/Research, such as Greenfield Online 
  • Direct Marketing, such as and Lifeminders
  • Click profiling such as free ISP’s and
  • eMarketing, such as Doubleclick, Engage, and 24/7 Media

There is no currently no business aiming to be the ‘pulse of the internet’, that is, attempting or purporting to be the public platform from which consumers’ online opinions, ideas, and preferences are voiced and made public. The companies in the best position to attempt to compete (online market research firms) will be unable to compete in this arena by virtue of their ‘rules of engagement’. will be breaking new ground in its focus on ‘holistic’, living consumer profiles gathered using adaptive profiling and anticipatory event tracking. By comparison, the method of profiling principally employed by competitors to gather simple data through one-time demographic data collection and tracking web activity is limited and often-misleading.


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