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Peter McGrath, President & CEO
Frank D’Amore, VP, Bus Devel & General Counsel, Pres, Legal Div
Lisa Rhoads, VP, Marketing & International
Bob Gruchacz, VP & CFO

Product Line or Service


InterNetEx develops and customizes Extranet products that provide workplace collaboration solutions. InterNetEx is unique in that it provides both of the following:

1. “Baseline” products that enhance the document management and project collaboration process in a variety of environments; and,

2. Customized solutions involving the InterNetEx’s products, other vendor’s products and process enhancements. The result is a substantial efficiency increase in the use and dissemination of mission critical information within an entity and with its customers, suppliers and partners. 


Technology Proprietary Rights


InterNetEx has filed for patent protection for 48 claims on six (6) features. These features include: (1) self administration, (2) single URL address, (3) document conversion, (4) automatic change redlining, (5) automatic document version control, and (6) the technology adoption process. The patent application was filed on November 30, 1999.


Market Opportunities


InterNetEx is an application service provider (ASP) that competes in the newly emerging collaborative sector, offering Internet-based Information Management (IM) and Project Collaboration (PC). The collaboration market often referred as project collaboration as “teamwork”, or project management. While the ASP market has focused on Enterprise products, InterNetEx is providing products in the highest growth sector of this market, Collaboration. IDC estimates the market to be valued at approximately $4 billion by 2004, a 92% compound growth over the next five years. We are more than a traditional ASP since we have the ability to customize our products efficiently through Mass Customization. Both IM and PC are large market opportunities projected to grow significantly over the next few years.


Marketing Sales Distribution


Our strategy is to enter a minimum of two new business-to-business vertical markets each year and to add one new modular feature (new technology add-on) as rapidly as possible. The Company will strategically enter into new vertical markets, which will maximize revenue opportunities while continuing to separate us from our more narrowly focused competitors. InterNetEx’s open network architecture allows users in one vertical market to connect with users in any vertical, all through one URL address. The Company will provide services globally, targeting key domestic international markets. Specific products have been developedand are being sold to the legal, real estate, printing, financial services, and reinsurance markets. Work is in process to develop products targeting additional vertical markets such as pharmaceuticals, medical records, and the construction markets. We will obtain expertise from both in-house and external sources as we develop and introduce new products in new vertical markets. These experts will assist in product development and sales efforts. InterNetEx will use three channels to sell its products: (1) direct sales, (2) propagation, and (3) indirect sales through corporate alliances. Our direct sales force will consist of high-energy, experienced representatives who are comfortable with technology and in selling to the professionals who proliferate in our vertical markets. We anticipate that, initially, the bulk of our sales will be generated through this direct sales effort.


Propagation is founded on the tenets that our customers will be effective product advocates and that this will trigger sales through viral marketing. We believe that the propagation effect will start slowly as we capture market share, but will eventually rise to a level where it will supplant direct sales as our primary sales method.


We also intend to partner with companies that will help to sell our products. We foresee relying more heavily upon this channel in the first two post-funding years while we are building a sales force and propagation is beginning to spread.


Marketing Objectives


  • Build brand equity of new product/Company name.
  • Position InterNetEx as the standard for Internet-based Information
  • Management and Collaboration.
  • Target joint venture deals with ASPs and Application Hosting (AH) companies that offer complementary products, to provide a broader (horizontal) product offering.
  • Launch the legal, financial services, and reinsurance products in Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, and Asia.
  • Develop two new products targeting new business-to-business verticals.
  • Develop next generation suite of products.


InterNetEx has entered into a high-growth market, Business-to-Business Information Management and Collaboration. Only a few companies offer a combination of Information Management and Collaboration. InterNetEx is the only company that currently offers a truly Internet-based product that does not require the download of proprietary software to access or collaborate on documents, regardless of the platform or application being used and at the same time an open network architecture. It is also distinguished by its strategy to offer mass-customization of its technology to customers with a high potential payoff from improving business work flow processes.


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