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Nancy Curtis, President & CEO
Greg Catherine, CTO & Sr. VP Product Development
Adam Buamstarck, Sr VP Knowledge Management

Product Line


We are all about content control we are the SEER – we watch it we protect it, we don’t watermark it, we don’t wrap it, we don’t encrypt it, we watch it based on the unique pattern of the bits and we do this all real-time within the network With nine information technology experts, InfoSeer has finalized the detailed design of its product suite to revolutionize the distribution, control, and protection of digital information for the entertainment, insurance, health and financial industries. Whether it is your medical records, IRS information, financial transactions music or movies – 10’s of thousands of companies need to have secure content - the entertainment industry is one that is begging for us to help. The three principals, with backgrounds developing real-time solutions to protect and control some of the most sensitive digitized information within the National Intelligence agencies, specifically: CIA, NSA, FBI; the telecommunications industry and information technology markets; brought together unmatched expertise in communications, engineering, information technology and digital security to establish InfoSeer in January 2000. To deliver our product to early adaptors by December 2000, we will raise $3.5M in early stage funding.


Technology Proprietary Rights 


Real-time software algorithms, filtering, pattern recognition, associated tagging, fuzzy logic and intelligent agents. Software will be ported to Flexible Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) within six months of software release. All rights to intellectual property belong to InfoSeer. Greenberg Traurig is legal counsel and they are assisting us in protecting our intellectual property with patents and agreements.


Market Opportunities


With the demand to distribute and protect digital content over the Internet in near real time, major industries such as music, movie, publishing, and broadcasting are positioning to capitalize on this trend. Each must embrace digital content distribution while protecting intellectual property rights. The InfoSeer product suite will initially target the movie and music industries to position them to rely on the efficiencies of digital distribution without the inherent risk of piracy we see in toady’s market. The real-time nature of our algorithms, network-centric and artificial intelligent approach is our competitive advantage. We will retain industry leaders as advisors and work with early adapters within the entertainment market, with an emphasis on those who create and distribute content.


Marketing Sales Distribution


Two major approaches direct marketing complemented with licensing: Direct marketing team - create the awareness and demand for our product base within the entertainment business and each vertical market, Client licensing of our products and annual subscription fee to continually update the tagging scheme. 




The InfoSeer software team will develop the software and FPGA programming the actual integration of the software onto the FPGA will be performed by a third party. Support for the product will be accomplished through systematic releases and downloads of updates.




There are a number of intellectual property protection methods within the digital distribution arenas such as encryption, watermarking, and wrapping. Each has its benefits; none meets the requirement to protect intellectual property in a mass distribution model. Encryption over a broad consumer market is impossible. Watermarking uses unused bits in a file to create a digital signature; compression destroys the watermark. Wrappers require a cooperative client-based software to “unwrap” the software. Each of these approaches has implementation flaws, which limits the ability of the industry to embrace digital distribution with confidence that their intellectual capital is protected.


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