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Peter Meyer, Founder, President
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Sunder Singhani, Acting CTO

Product Line


Ifinderís Web Concierge is a one-to-one enabling tool for direct marketers designed to: 1) increase the efficiency of current direct marketing programs and 2) provide a new medium to communicate with the consumer. Its Dynamic Learning Engine individualizes the web for the consumer by continually matching the best information to each consumerís evolving interests. The resulting one-to-one relationships and robust consumer profiles enable the marketer to most efficiently deliver the right message to the right person at the right time


The Web Concierge will be distributed on a co-branded basis on a network of online direct marketing organization and web destination sites. Ifinder successfully launched the Web Concierge on seven host sites and already has 7000 consumers registered for the service. The Web Concierge currently delivers content and commerce from a growing base of 300+ of the webís leading providers.


Technology Proprietary Rights


The Web Concierge is a proprietary three tier web application with HTML and XML on the client side, Web Logic Application Server with Java Server Pages and IIS Web Server in the mid-tier, and MS-SQL currently as the backend. This infrastructure is designed to be fully portable to Unix and Oracle to ensure future scaling needs. An XML based API (Application Programming Interface) is in development to significantly enhance the flexibility of integration at leading host sites.


Market Opportunities


The Direct Marketing industry is continually evolving new ways to reach the consumer and overcome their ever increasing resistance to advertising. The internet is an important breakthrough in this evolution and the online direct marketing industry is projected to be $11.8B dollars by 2004. A key to this growth is the one-to-one relationships promised by the internet. Ifinder delivers on this promise by creating a dynamic dialog with each consumer. Direct marketing organizations leverage this capability within their network on a service and performance fee basis. Marketers are also charged a premium on per response, per transaction, or per view basis to deliver their message/product/service on a one-to-one basis within the Web Concierge medium.


Marketing Sales Distribution


Ifinderís distribution strategy is designed to maximize the number of Web Concierge members. Ifinder possesses a direct sales force calling on two primary targets: 1) online direct marketing organizations and 2) web destination sites. Ifinder has identified 30 direct marketing groups with combined databases exceeding 120M members and 300 destination sites within the Internet 2000. In addition, distribution partners who cross-sell the Web Concierge as part of their complementary service offering to the web destination site market are also being established. 




Ifinderís competition includes online marketing services who deliver marketing messages to the consumer through a variety of means. Three main classifications exist: 

  • Value marketers (e.g., Flycast, Value Click) flood the web with inexpensive, untargeted banners. 
  • Profilers (e.g., Engage, DoubleClick) target banners to the profiles of individual consumers generated through clickstream behavior. 
  • Permission marketers (e.g., YesMail, MyPoints) send messages primarily through email only to members who have given permission to market to them. 

While profiles and permission are important first steps, they do not solve the consumers resistance to advertising. Ifinder differentiates by maintaining the dialog with the consumer and continually gaining their permission by providing value with each consumer interaction. The dialog enables the Web Concierge to deliver the most compelling messages to the most precise audience at the right time - all in a permission medium where the consumer is looking for information matched to them. 


The Web Concierge is an enabling tool to the online marketing service industry. The competitive landscape represent Ifinderís targeted clients. The Web Concierge enhances and shares in the revenue generating capability of these groups by increasing their profile and relationship development capability. 


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