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William J. McFadden, Director of Client Relations
Kenneth H. McLaughlin, Director of Development
Jack D. Curran, Director of Sales

Product Line


FTI develops component-based financial middleware. FTI’s initial product, Investor’sView, is a web-enabled, browser-based portfolio analysis and modeling tool providing investment decision support capabilities for pre-trade analysis, integrated trading, compliance, client reporting and defining investment policies. Investor’sView was released in August of 1999.


Technology Proprietary Rights


The technology FTI employs today is component-based. FTI makes use of technologies such as COM, DCOM, MTS, MSMQ ActiveX and Java Applets to deliver web-based solutions. The languages utilized for development include Visual Basic, Visual C++, VBScript, JavaScript and Java. FTI is in the process of Copyrighting their core object components.


Market Opportunities


FTI’s relevant and target market includes 1. 1. Financial Institutions and Law Firms with trust or money management powers, 2. 2. Any institution with a back-end portfolio/trust accounting system accepting interfaces or permitting file output, 3. 3. Community banks using customized/in-house trust accounting systems, and 4. 4. Small- to mid-size asset management firms, including Registered Investment Advisors.


Marketing Sales Distribution


Overall target market includes the Trust Banking Industry and Registered Investment Advisors. Within the Trust banking industry FTI has classified various levels according to their market capitalization, or size of asset holdings. FTI is targeting the mid- and lower-tier institutions. These are institutions that typically have less than 5 Billion assets under management. However, should the opportunity to market and present FTI’s products and services arise to the “first-tier” institutions, FTI will take advantage of it. FTI will market their products through its own internal sales force and through joint marketing agreements with partnership/affiliated firms. FTI has initiated a joint marketing campaign with Robinson-Humphrey, an institutional brokerage firm, and Drexel University’s Entrepreneurial Development Center. FTI currently has 4 bank trust clients and 1 Law Firm using Investor’sView today.




FTI’s main competitors consist of companies offering in-house desktop or client-server portfolio accounting systems with portfolio management functionality. These systems do not integrate well with back-end legacy systems since they maintain accounting data that must be reconciled with the legacy system. To FTI’s knowledge, there are currently no companies offering a web-based portfolio management system solution.


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