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John G. Elias, President
Wayne Westerman, CTO

Product Line


FingerWorks, Inc. has developed novel human/computer interaction technology that integrates keyboard, mouse, and gesture-based operations on a hand imaging surface. The primary application focus for our technology is in notebook and desktop computing, the Internet, and video-based entertainment markets. Our user-interaction technology was developed specifically for manipulating, controlling, and interacting with high-performance graphics applications while simultaneously and seamlessly allowing people to continue using familiar input modes of keyboard and mouse.


Our business model has two major product components: 

  1. We design, prototype, test, and license novel user-interaction technology and solutions for OEMs, and 
  2. We manufacture, support, and sell a keyboard/mouse replacement (the FingerBoard) to the professional programmer aftermarket.

Technology Proprietary Rights


All of our products rely on our novel and proprietary MultiTouch technology that includes a 2-dimensional sensor array that images the positions of fingers and hands resting on its surface and software that tracks and recognizes objects touching the surface. MultiTouch technology is adaptive, modifying its algorithms to optimally serve individual uses. It uses no mechanical buttons and it requires only a light touch on its surface to effect command input. The MultiTouch sensor array is deposited on a flexible or rigid surface that can be made in arbitrary shapes and sizes. A special purpose processor interprets finger and hand motion. MultiTouch technology adapts to individual users by accommodating their particular hand size, their range of movement, and their preferred finger positions.
MultiTouch products are protected by U.S. patent application and PCT patent application both filed January 25, 1999 and owned by the University of Delaware. FingerWorks has an exclusive license to the technology and pays the University a small royalty.


Market Opportunities


In the order that we plan to address.

  1. Notebook computers: We will license our MultiTouch technology to a major notebook computer manufacturer.
  2. Professional programmer aftermarket: We will produce a keyboard/mouse replacement (the FingerBoard) for professional programmers.
  3. Desktop computers: We will OEM a keyboard/mouse replacement to PC makers.

Marketing Sales Distribution


Most of our products are either sold directly to OEMs or licensed. The FingerBoard professional programmer product is the only one that will sell in the aftermarket. Its distribution will be through our web site.




Our FingerBoard product consists of two printed circuit boards (a hand-imaging surface and a gesture processor) mounted in a plastic enclosure. Both the hand-imager and gesture processor printed circuit boards are fabricated and assembled for us by a supplier using standard methods. Both boards are populated with our proprietary integrated circuits that are fabricated for us by selected foundries.


A plastic enclosure is manufactured using conventional injection molding methods and comes in two pieces, a base and a bezel. The plastic enclosure is designed to simplify assembly: all parts snap together in seconds. No screws are used.


Our main manufacturing job is to assemble circuit boards into the plastic enclosure, test, package, and ship product.




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