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Timothy Myers, Founder, 
President & CEO 
Silvio Navarro, Founder, 
Sales & Marketing 
William Hawley, Founder, Operations

Product Line or Service


ESPCard is the Internet shopping solution that delivers consumer control of personal information in exchange for valuable real-time personal rewards and a one-to-one marketing relationship to retail merchants through MyAisle®, which collects the information merchants need so that they can sell more to customers at higher margins. ESPCard provides a series of integrated software & hardware products to businesses that demand a better one-to-one relationship with consumers. ESPCard’s products transform the way in which consumers shop over the Internet engendering merchant loyalty and increased sales. 


Technology/Proprietary Rights


As of January 18th, 2000 ESPCard currently holds Patents Pending on the MyAisle Technology and the ESPCard Concept. As of April, 2000 the Trademarks for ESPCard and MyAisle were granted. All of the domain names are also registered. All product development to date is protected by employment agreements assigning intellectual property to the corporation. 


Market Opportunities


The opportunity presented is to capture, at a minimum, 10% of the payment transactions processed within 100 accepting sites by the year 2004. At that time, this new market will result in a revenue stream of nearly $600 million dollars and a card customer base of over sixteen million consumers. By 2010, year ten of operation, an increase in accepting sites, based upon a minimum 10% capture of transactions processed and a expected consumer base of 27 million. By creating a new market that takes transaction volume, due to consumer and merchant savings, away from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, it provides the opportunity for redistribution of payment services offered to the ESPCard brand.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


The major near-term ESPCard distribution channel is marketed through a B2B2C model. ESPCard management has taken its background in affinity and co-branded marketing and created a distribution model in which Internet anchor merchants are marketed and sold the ESPCard product to grow the acceptance network. From the established merchant relationship, their consumers are marketed the consumer portion of the product under the merchant’s established brand.




ESPCard recognizes many broad payment categories as opportunities for competitive concern. They include traditional bankcard offerings such a Visa/MasterCard as well as the expanse of single proposition applications currently proliferating the payment space including transaction aggregators, virtual wallets, etc.


Although there is no direct competitive offering identified to date, intellectual property protection gives us the time edge we need to prevent competitive entry. Relative to the large players such as Visa, etc, these organizations are ill equipped due to legacy system issues to quickly catch our offering.


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