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Product Line or Service


EnhanceNOW.com is leveraging the power and readership of the proven $23B book market and combining it with the infinite potential of the Internet to create the ultimate cross-promotional marketing tool for publishers, e-tailers, retailers, service providers and information providers.


EnhanceNOW.com has developed a sophisticated book-centric enhancement engine dedicated to referencing and cross-referencing every important aspect of every book a consumer may ever read. EnhanceNOW.com partners with each individual publishing house to drive consumer traffic to this content-rich portal. By pairing the publisher’s titles with related Internet content and e-commerce opportunities, the publisher offers the consumer a modern-day reading experience. As a result of the partnership, the publisher sees new revenues from their Web presence that makes sense to the business they are in – content. Additionally, EnhanceNOW.com is the ultimate portal for readers to enjoy their post-purchase, enhanced reading experience. By combining content from the book with additional Internet information, communication and e-commerce opportunities, EnhanceNOW.com creates an entertaining and informational, communal reading experience. 


Technology/Proprietary Rights


EnhanceNOW.com has created an engine focused on enhancing books and all printed material. Its purpose is to tie offline merchandise to related online content. The Company does this using a patent-pending process designed to quick reference any point in a reading book with online opportunities. In essence, the Company has created a context-based search engine for referencing links related to content in the book.
EnhanceNOW.com regards intellectual property as a valuable asset. In that regard, the Company has registered EnhanceNOW.com and all related trademarks with the USPTO. As well, the Company has been issued patent-pending protection for the EnhancedNOW.com enhanced engine system, as well as several other related patents.


Market Opportunities


EnhanceNOW.com is both a business to business as well as a business to consumer venture, therefore the Company has targeted two distinct markets through its products and services: The business market and the consumer market. The Company’s primary target market is the 25,000 publishing houses that produce books. Initially, the Company has targeted those publishers who produce non-fiction books in the self-help and how-to genres. EnhanceNOW.com’s consumer market consists of the 108 Million American Internet users and the 270 Million American readers who currently spend $23B annually on books. Major efforts are being made to capture a large number of readers through alignment and co-development with existing brand names and previously published works, including “Better Homes & Gardens.”


It is these alignment and co-development efforts that will define EnhanceNOW.com’s business markets. These markets consist of publishers, advertisers and e-tailers. EnhanceNOW.com is aligning with the publishing industry in order to boost sales of existing publisher owned material by providing a Web presence and enhancement services for these materials. EnhanceNOW.com will target the advertising and consumer brand name markets by collecting data from its consumer market that can be used for focused marketing programs by advertisers and brand name products. EnhanceNOW.com will also target the consumer brand name companies by utilizing cross-promotional strategies and alliances. As well, content and commerce Web sites can benefit from the extra traffic and related sales directed to their site from the enhanced engine.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


Our marketing strategy is focused on recruiting publishers. The Company understands that “logo-on-the-book” marketing through partnerships with the publishers is a powerful tool for attracting consumers to the Web site. At the same time, the Company’s value to publishers, advertisers and other sites will be measured by our ability to attract a large number of visitors and members to our Web site, keep them there and cause them to return for repeat visits. For this reason, the Company’s overall strategy includes initiating a dual marketing campaign directed to consumers and publishers.
The key to the entire business is to bring a large number of readers, new and old, to our site through the enriched reading experience and entice them to register as members of the Web site through affinity groups. Then, reformat that information to create a highly targeted marketing campaign tailored to each individual advertiser and publisher. Through this “permission based marketing approach”, the information enables the engine to deliver highly qualified content and commerce to that consumer.




For a reader, EnhanceNOW.com will be the first company to offer a full reading experience through our Enhanced Books™ and take a consumer’s educational and entertainment experience to a new level. For a publisher, EnhanceNOW.com will enable these companies to position themselves to build customer loyalty, retain customers and create brand awareness. This can only be accomplished by offering the content and experience needed to ensure a significant number of return visits to a Web site. EnhanceNOW.com will do this.


The Company possesses the following unique competitive advantages:

  • Human selection of the Web sites by in-house editors
  • Context-based search (Material that is relevant to what they are reading about)
  • Hassle free search (Book ISBN links reader directly to related content)
  • One, centralized portal for all enhancements
  • No external computer hardware
  • Enhancements are our sole focus
  • Partnerships with the publishers enable our logo to be on the book, thus allowing us to capitalize on an already existing loyal consumer base.

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