Digital Applications, Inc.

60 South Lansdowne Ave., 1st Floor
Lansdowne, PA 19050
Ph: 610-284-4006
Fax: 610-284-4233

Virginia Gavin, President
Mark Gavin, VP, Software Development
Larry Tindell, Director of Business Development

Product Line or Service


Digital Applications provides enterprise solutions for the on demand generation, manipulation and delivery of electronic documents. We are an established company with a solid reputation for developing efficient, cost effective tools that enhance a company’s productivity. Our software products are used for enterprise wide document workflows and on demand document delivery systems. Planned support for XML will further enhance the value of our products for enterprises and e-Commerce.


Digital Applications currently has 10 commercial products: 5 Server based applications, 1 Library for building customized server based applications and 4 plug-ins. All of our products extend the functionality of Portable Document Format (PDF), in the desktop environment, and more importantly on webservers and intranet servers.


Technology Proprietary Rights


Copyrights and trademarks are used to protect Digital Applications’ intellectual property. A patent Application has been filed for the underlying technology used in our Redax ® software.


Market Opportunities


Digital Applications provides enterprise solutions for dynamically delivering electronic documents. Our major market sectors are Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing and Government. As companies and government entities accumulate more information, the need for timely, cost effective, delivery of that information becomes crucial. Our server-based applications enable companies to deliver information stored in Databases and Document Management Systems via their web server. Our software allows for the customization of information for unique endusers or types of endusers.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution


The majority of our current sales are direct to companies and government agencies in North America, as well as companies in Europe, Africa, South America and the Pacific Rim. We also have resellers for our products in the United States, Canada, the European Union and Australia.


Over the next year, we will be establishing sales and marketing channels within our key markets. Other areas of emphasis will be OEM relationships and licensing our SPDF Library.




There are a number of companies who focus on PDF related software, although they tend to target different markets than Digital Applications. Our closest competitors would be AudienceOne (recently acquired by Cardiff Software) and Active4 Technologies. Our advantages over our competitors include our superior technology and our support for multiple platforms as well as our overall price/performance value to our customers.


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