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Product / Services


Secure messaging and online document delivery with proof it was opened.


CertifiedMail Server™ and CertifiedTrade Server™ provide secure messaging infrastructure integrated with your in-house email service, with complete security, tracking and document digital fingerprint features built-in. 


CertifiedMail.com web-based service is universal, and does not require any software or hardware to be installed either by the sender or the recipient and wireless capable.
Send Certified™ button for Outlook™ and for Lotus Notes™ integrate the web-based service allowing you to send CertifiedMail messages from your regular email.


Proprietary Technology


Evolution: CertifiedMail.com technology has evolved over the past fours years from the work of its founders in data security for defense agencies and their experience is online distribution of software products. Two patents have been filed on the basic technology while several new innovations are being made and additional patent applications being filed.
Basic security offered is the financial transaction level security used worldwide for online banking and stock trading, with enhanced security features added. The delivery confirmation with date and time stamp is based on time synchronization with the atomic clock in Boulder, CO.


Industry First:


CertifiedMail.com is fully integrated with Outlook™ and Outlook Express™ email from Microsoft and with Lotus Notes™. This allows you to send CertifiedMail message directly from your email system.


Industry First:


CertifiedMail.com service is wireless capable, allowing a user to send and receive CertifiedMail messages securely over their wireless devices, with delivery confirmation using the wireless phone number.

Markets & Opportunity


CertifiedMail.com is a cross-industry service, but our focus is in the legal, finance and healthcare markets. Currently, businesses in USA spend over $60 B in first class mail (non-secure and non-trackable), over $18 B for overnight document delivery (trackable but not secure) and over $12 B on fax delivery (trackable but open document). This entire market is a target for online delivery for a secure and trackable system such as CertifiedMail.com. Further, analysts estimate that over 200 million business email boxes will be in use by 2003. 


The advantages offered by CertifiedMail.com are:

  • Instant but secure delivery of sensitive data
  • No software to be installed by sender or recipient
  • Integrated with email system such as Outlook
  • Secure – transparent to the user
  • Tracking and proof that email was opened by recipient
  • Wireless capable
  • Extremely cost-effective solution 
  • Worldwide access

Summary of Business Strategy


CertifiedMail.com aims at being the premier provider of secure messaging infrastructure for small and medium businesses and customized solutions for large corporations. It also offers its own web-based service for wider market penetration among the professional service providers worldwide. We have also undertaken channel development for distribution of the software.


Important elements of our strategy are:

  • Growing need for privacy and security of email;
  • Excellent domain name CertifiedMail.com and RegisteredLetter.com as well as corporate logo:
  • Cost effective solution
  • Integrated with Microsoft Outlook and LotusNotes clients
  • Channel distribution worldwide



Lotus Notes, Netscape and other email services offer limited security, within closed environment. CertifiedMail is universal, irrespective of the user’s platform.


Old-economy companies like UPS and the US Postal Service are attempting entry into this space, relying on technology licensed from Tumbleweed. Their ‘pay-per-message’ model is meant to protect their brick-and-mortar service and is not viable on the Internet. 


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