APS Ltd.
POB 212

Nesher 36601 Israel

Ph: +972 4 830 8353

Fax: +972 4 820 2469

Email: [email protected]

Yechiel Weinstein, Founder, CEO
Jacob Yakobovitch
Co-Founder, VP Development & Engineering
Michael Grossman, Business Development
David Cygler, Int. Marketing

Product Line or Service


Advanced Pneumatic Systems Ltd. ("APS" or "the Company") develops exceptionally strong, lightweight solutions to aerospace, professional and domestic products and accessories. Current examples include very light and strong folding rescue ladders , long robotic arms, gurneys, plastic shelving and palettes, home plastic ladders.

Technology/Proprietary Rights 

APS is the creator of two unique core technologies (patents pending):

  1. FLEXIBEAM™ – a technology for the construction of light load bearing metal beams exceptionally strong in one plane and flexible enough to be rolled up in the perpendicular plane. Such beams can be used in a wide range of aerospace, professional and domestic applications where performance, weight, storage volume, price and convenience are important.
  2. ALPLAST™ – a technology for the construction of hollow plastic bars reinforced by an internal metal strip. This construction dramatically enhances the load bearing and creep behavior of structural elements made from it while significantly reducing raw material cost and adverse environmental effects.

Market Opportunities


Of the myriad possible applications of the above technologies, the Company has already examined the following examples and found them commercially attractive:


  1. Aerospace: Structure elements, solar panel elements, robotic arms.

  2. Agriculture: Long applicators for pesticide spraying machines, folding storage and hothouses.

  3. Industrial and commercial: Shipping palettes, plastic storage facilities shelving, plastic ladders – rigid and folding.

  4. Construction: Scaffolds, lifting tackle, cleaning & painting autonomous robots.

  5. Domestic: Folding beds, folding ladders, shelving emergency ladders, shelving and pergolas.

  6. Leisure: Yacht stanchions, tents, oar handles.

  7. Emergency services: light folding rescue ladders and gurneys, light long fire-fighting ladders.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution 

APS has a three-tier business strategy, as follows:

  1. Complete products – develop and manufacture a product to serve a market need defined by a strategic partner in the relevant industry, where the partner handles marketing and sales. Example: Folding hospital stretcher currently under development for Ferno.

  2. Solutions – develop a complete solution for a need and overall design defined by a strategic partner in the relevant industry, where the partner manufactures, markets and sells the products.

Example: A reinforced plastic shipping palette currently under development for GE.

  1. OEM –design and develop innovative structural elements for specific requirements of manufacturers that incorporate such elements in their products. Example: very long roll-up rescue ladders for fire fighting vehicle.



APS plans to focus on R&D, to outsource all its manufacturing ,perform assembly and QC in house . APS already has long-standing relationships with suitable subcontractors and production specialists.




APS is not aware of any commercial technology that offers the same capabilities and benefits. 


Financial Information 


APS develops products by project teams that draw on the technological and managerial resources as required. Therefore, the Company can essentially grow as fast as funding permits. 


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