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Richard O’Brien, President/CEO
James Wolsky, COO 
James Stento, Engineering Manager

Product Line or Service, Inc. enables ‘wireless web’, vertical business applications that handle time-critical field data. The company’s wireless solutions facilitate the accurate and cost effective collection of business information through Internet-enabled mobile phones and other wireless devices.


The company’s initial application AirHours™, allows field-based managers in the construction and service industries to enter time-critical information into corporate computer systems using web-enabled wireless phones. is also planning to introduce wireless web applications in the medical, insurance/financial and real estate fields.


The company is using wireless data applications to drive into targeted markets and establish relationships with wireless data service providers and potential vertical market partners. The company is using their application experience to complete development of their planned AirDev Wireless Application Platform. AirDev WAP will allow the company to deliver easily customized, hosted, wireless data solutions to customers wishing to offer wireless data applications in their own focus vertical markets. 


Technology/Proprietary Rights develops applications that take advantage of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), which is now the de facto global standard for wireless data communication with hand-held devices such as Internet-enabled mobile phones. The company has a patent pending covering the business process steps related to their initial application development efforts.


Market Opportunities


Internet access is no longer limited to the PC. Web-enabled mobile phones are leading the way in opening the Internet to millions of new users and new applications. is focused on the use of these Internet-enabled mobile phones within vertical business markets. Market Analyst, Cahners, concludes that as major barriers to broad acceptance fall, subscribers of wireless data services will rise from fewer than 2 million in 1999 to nearly 25 million by 2003, with mobile workers making up the vast majority of data usage. The leading U.S. wireless data service providers, Sprint, Verizon, ATT and Nextel, are all working to move their voice subscribers into data services and will be looking to data applications to retain customers while adding new subscribers and increasing revenues per subscriber.


Marketing/Sales and Distribution plans to initially employ a Sales and Distribution strategy aimed at leveraging co-marketing opportunities with wireless data service providers to promote their initial Internet applications. As opposed to voice service, wireless data service providers require data applications to sell their data services and have strong incentive to encourage and support data application developers. intends to follow up this focus on wireless service providers with marketing efforts targeting companies with established business in select vertical markets. has signed a Co-Marketing Agreement with Nextel Communications. Per the agreement Nextel will provide marketing/sales support introducing’s initial AirHours application to their 5 million wireless subscribers. Nextel has also agreed to handle all billing for monthly W-ASP fees to customers and make payments directly to in exchange for a share of the monthly service revenues. and Nextel will share booth space and jointly introduce the AirHours wireless web application at the A/E/C Systems 2000 show (large construction/computer show) which is to be held in Washington, DC June 5, 2000.


Manufacturing has a core team of experienced, software engineers engaged in the development of the company’s products.’s design and development team’s strong software engineering background will insure that the company’s early development efforts will provide a solid foundation for the future. intends to develop all key software components in-house while relying upon established third-party providers for web hosting and other peripheral services/functions.




Because is focused on vertical markets with limited exposure to computers/wired Internet, the company considers their largest competitor to be existing manual systems for the transfer of field data from remote workers to their corporate systems.


There are a number of established and a growing list of new companies that are focused providing products centered on wireless data services. The market leaders are Aether Systems,, SmartServ Online, MicroStrategy and 7-24 Solutions. These larger firms and most new wireless data start ups are focused on horizontal wireless application areas such as pushing Internet content from the web to the phone, e-commerce and financial applications such as banking and stock quotes/purchases.’s close relationship with leading wireless service providers, strong engineering background, portfolio/platform approach and vertical market focus will provide it with a competitive advantage versus anticipated competitors.


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