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Alan J. Cook, CEO
N. William Spearing, COO
Jill Dalby Ellison, Chief Super Mom
Manual Calero, Technical Lead
Mike Welsh, Creative Director

Product Line or Service
Activity1 eliminates the hassles associated with “doing” activities and helps bricks & mortar activity businesses make more money, i.e., tennis clubs, dance studios, YMCA’s, summer camps, etc.  Activity1 does this by (a) increasing enrollments in activity programs through a consumer activity portal ( and sophisticated direct marketing capabilities and (b) lowering their operating costs with ASP applications and standardized, outsourced services. 
1. Outsourced business services include direct marketing and communication services (via telephone, e-mail and wireless), web-based ASP registration management systems, template-driven web sites, standardized recruiting and fundraising assistance, as well as catalog publishing, mailing and other services. Businesses that work with Activity1 increase attendance and revenue, lower operating costs, increase operational efficiency and free-up scarce resources.
2. The Activity1 consumer activity portal allows families to find, compare and enroll in local activities, purchase activity-related equipment and supplies, interact with instructors and other parents; and utilize personalized calendars, activity news, registration alerts and more. With Activity1, families can easily identify the best activities; never fear missing another signup deadline; eliminate the hassles that accompany enrollment and related purchasing; and manage their family’s participation in organized activities.
Activity1 signs up activity providers to long-term marketing and revenue contracts. These contracts accelerate the growth of the Activity1 user base, help increase predictability of future revenue and deliver recurring license fees on outsourced ASP applications and standardized, outsourced services.  They also provide Activity1 with an opportunity to interact with businesses on a recurring basis to upsell additional services in the future. 
Businesses drive revenue. Activity1 earns recurring license fees on ASP applications and standardized, offline business services. Activity1 leverages the brand and reach of its customers to develop a user base for which generates additional revenue through activity tuition shares, commissions on the sale of activity-related equipment and advertising. 
Technology/Proprietary Rights
Activity1 launched its activity portal ( prototype in 60 days. Affiliates of the YMCA and JCC, franchisees of Gymboree, Color Me Mine and Arthur Murray Dance studio, the township of Upper Dublin, PA, the borough of Narberth, PA, and more than 500 private activity providers such as Rocket Sports, Studio B and Villanova Roller Rink list more than 5,000 activities on Activity1. 
Activity1 has a proprietary process to establish local activity directories quickly and cost effectively. Activity1 also leverages a proven process to develop and maintain relationships with hundreds of local businesses. The company has established a national network of local-signup resources and can offer national service within three months.
Market Opportunities
Nearly 80 million households are actively engaged in arts, crafts and other hobby activities. More than 40 million children across the country participate in at least one organized sport. Americans spend $48 billion on sporting goods, $14 billion on arts & crafts materials and more than $5 billion on activity registration fees each year. 
Activities are more popular than ever before, yet families and businesses manage their activity participation the same way today as they did fifty years ago. The Company delivers services to the 250,000+ businesses that offer organized activities. Activity1 is already working with:
o Affiliates of national social organizations, such as the YMCA, JCC and Girl Scouts
o Affiliates of national franchises, such as Gymboree and the Arthur Murray Dance School
o Public activity providers, such as the Township of Upper Dublin, PA and Narberth, PA
o Private, local companies such as Sally’s Music Circle, Studio B and Rocket Sports 
Marketing/Sales and Distribution
Activity1 sells services to local activity providers with a direct sales force; markets to national activity providers and partners with activity-related trade associations.
The Company markets to consumers through joint promotions with activity providers. Activity1 conducts marketing events that attract local and national media coverage. Activity1 is also negotiating national, strategic marketing relationships with major retail outlets, media properties and entertainment companies, as well as several leading online services. manufacturing
The Company has an internal development team. Activity1 is negotiating with several potential external development partners to support expansion.
ActiveUSA is focused on adult participatory athletics, nutrition and personal fitness. eRegister delivers an online enrollment module to activity organizations. Several other companies feature online communities where, for example, a soccer league president can post league standings, schedules and directions from one field to another. 
Activity1 is differentiated by customer focus orientation (vs. competitors institution focus), comprehensive activity directory (which includes non-sport activities), outsourced business services (and direct marketing capabilities) and proven formula for establishing local service.


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