Early Stage East

December 7th & 8th, 2010
Pier V Hotel, Baltimore MD

In conjunction with ESE

Award Recipients

Bio-Life-Tech 2009:

Best Exhibitor: Sword Diagnostics
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Third Eye Diagnostics
People's Choice: Envisioner

Early Stage East® 2009:

Best Exhibitor: Oculis Labs
Most Likely to Receive Funding: The Talk Market
People's Choice: Innova Materials

Bio-Life-Tech 2008:

Best Exhibitor: Expression Pathology Inc.
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Neuro Diagnostic Devices
People's Choice: Profectus BioSciences, Inc.

Early Stage East® 2008:

Best Exhibitor: Dirty Dog Franchising Group, LLC
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Magnify.net
People's Choice: SonoMedix Inc.

Bio Life Tech 2007:

Best Exhibitor: InfraRed Imaging systems (IRIS)
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Immunomic Therapeutics, Inc. People's Choice: Encore Path, Inc.

Early Stage East® 2007:

Best Exhibitor: Grand Brands
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Zylaya Corporation
People's Choice: Sensics, Inc.

Bio Life Tech 2005:

Best Exhibitor: AccelaPure
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Red Path Integrated Pathology
People's Choice: BioFactura

Early Stage East® 2005:

Best Exhibitor: Cerionx
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Apangea
People's Choice: Cerionx

Bio-Life-Tech 2004:

Best Exhibitor: Saladax Bio Medical Inc.
Most Likely to Receive Funding: Urovalve Inc.
People's Choice: A & G Pharacueticals

Early Stage East® 2004:

Best Presenter: IPR International, LLC
Best Exhibitor: Tagnetics, Inc.
People's Choice: MedAvante

Bio-Life-Tech 2003:

Best Presenter: Advanced Vision Therapies
People's Choice: Hamilton Thorne Biosciences, Inc.

Early Stage East® 2003:

Best Presenter: V I Laboratories
Best Exhibitor: Advanced Fibers & Powders
People's Choice: Celcorp Inc.

Bio-Life-Tech 2002:

Best Presenter: PlantGenix, Inc.
Best Exhibitor: Cera Products, Inc.
People's Choice: Morphotek Inc.

Early Stage East® 2002:

Best Presenter: Netilla Networks, Inc.
Best Exhibitor: Improv Technologies
People's Choice: Leveller LLC

Early Stage East® 2001:

Best Presenter: AperServ Technologies
Best Exhibitor: BidMaster
People's Choice: Royer BioMedical, Inc.
Alumni Award Recipient: Dataflux - 1998 Presenter
Alumni Award Recipient: Reliacast. -1999 Presenter

Early Stage East® 2000:

Best Presenter: Airput.com, Inc.
Best Exhibitor: Lighthammer Software Development Corporation
Money Hunt Selected Company: UWapIT.com
People's Choice: IPGDirect.com
Alumni Award Recipient : Blackboard, Inc. -1998 Presenter

EarlyStage East 1999:

Money Hunt Selected Company: Smart Button Associates
Best Presenter: Justballs!

Early Stage East® 1998:

Best Presenter: Blackboard, Inc.

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