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Animators at Law, Inc.
1423 Powhatan Street, Suite 3
Alexandria, VA 22314
Ph: (800) 337-7697
Fax: (703) 548-5450

Lawrence J. Acchione, Chairman
Kenneth J. Lopez, Founder, President & CEO
Allen S. Melser, Esq., Senior Litigation Consultant
Carlyn L. Cranford, VP Litigation Marketing
Michele Y. Gallagher, Litigation Consultant

Product Line or Service — The principal product/service of Animators at Law is computer animation for use in litigation. However, the company also offers trial consulting, trial exhibits, interactive CD-ROMS, web design, graphic design, and strategic marketing consulting for law firms and Fortune 500 firms. Essentially, the firm is a today superbly talented graphic design firm. Eventually, the firm expects to offer its services to the highly lucrative motion picture production industry.

Technology/Proprietary Rights — The firm derives its competitive advantage not from a patentable device or process, but rather from the abilities of its staff. For example, the company’s CEO is both an attorney and a professional compute animator. The Board of Directors is made up of litigators, businesspersons, and professional artists. It is the synergy of these individuals that make the firm unique and a powerful tool for law firms and corporations alike. Unlike the competition, Animators persuades while the competition merely illustrates.

Market Opportunities — The firm’s principal line of business is developing high-end computer animation and graphics for use at trial. In this area, there exists a $300 million market that is growing at 100% each year. However, the firm’s overwhelming talent allows it to also perform work for top corporations nationwide. For example, America Online is a major client. Additionally, the company is pursuing work in Hollywood productions to diversify its product line and give its staff an outlet for their creative talent.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution — The company employs marketing representatives that are highly experienced in the legal industry. These representatives are able to identify potential customers and easily sell the services that Animators offers. This is true because there is very high demand for Animator’s services and there are very few firms offering the kind of specialized service that Animators offers. Thus, while there is great demand for the company’s services, the company is only able to scratch the surface of the potential marketplace due to a financially constrained marketing team. This is the area that the firm expects will be helped most by raising capital.

Competition — The firm’s principal competition is from two major firms that formerly specialized in engineering. They are EAI of Iowa and FTI of Maryland. Reflective of Animator’s talent, both firms have approached Animators for subcontracting work. EAI has followed a path similar to that of Animators. EAI was founded ten years ago, went public in 1996 and today has a book value in excess of $500,000,000. Despite these seemingly formidable opponents, Animators distinguishes itself in the industry by being attorney-owned and operated, and by out-pricing the competition. Animators can compete on price because it does not have the overhead associated with maintaining a staff of over 100 doctoral level employees.

Financial — The firm is pursuing two financial options. Option one involves an investment of $4,000,000 over a two year period. Because the firm recognizes that it is early in its development, an investor may wish to pursue a more conservative investing strategy. Option two involves a smaller equity investment for an investor ready to put forth a minimum of $500,000. With 1000% growth in 1997, current run rate of $300,000 and an expected year-end run rate of nearly $1,000,000, the firm is well positioned for either type of investment.

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