The Sync., Inc.
312 Laurel Avenue
Laurel, MD 20707
Ph: 301-438-7281
Fax: 301-598-0769

Thomas Edwards,
Carla Cole,
Vice President/Creative Director


Product Line or ServiceProduction and broadcast of original Internet video entertainment and tech-entertainment shows aimed at an Internet-savvy audience. These shows are available on-demand, for viewing at any time on The Sync web site ( The company sells sponsorships, web banner advertising, and in-stream video ads to advertisers of consumer products, computer products, an new media sites. Secondary revenue streams include integrated e-commerce and sale of show-related merchandise. The Sync web site already has tens of thousands of viewers per day, and the site pushes over one million banner ad impressions per month.

Technology/Proprietary RightsThe Company has produced a large amount of copyrighted Internet video content.

Market OpportunitiesThe Internet advertising market was worth over $1 billion in 1998 (Internet Advertising Board), and expected to grow to $7.7 billion per year by 2002 (Jupiter Communications). Video advertising is an exciting new opportunity for advertisers that currently only utilize web banners. “Banner burnout” is showing up in the form of decreased response rates, but Internet ad using streaming media have a fie to six times higher response rate than banner ads (RealNetworks study). Internet video shows are a natural way to deliver Internet video advertising to viewers.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution The Company currently sells most of its advertising through the 24/7 Media Network. By taking sales in-house, the Company expects to increase advertising revenue by 10-50 times. The Company is working with key partners to deliver large numbers of viewers to The Sync web site, including Alta Vista Entertainment Zone, RealNetwork’s RealGuide and Daily Briefing, Scour.Net, ChannelSeek, JenniCam, Here and Now, and the Student Advantage Network. The Sync has also aggressively sought earned PR and has been featured in The Washington post, The New York Times, Wired Magazine, and Entertainment Weekly.

ManufacturingMost Internet video content broadcast by the Company is produced in-house, to best address the limitations and interactive capabilities of the medium. The Sync has built a “cyberstudio” designed exclusively for the development of Internet video content, complete with lights, cameras, editing suites, video compression stations, and high-speed Internet connectivity.

Competition The Sync concentrates on developing well-edited, large audience, on demand Internet video content. While no other company is currently in direct competition, there is one company, Pseudo Online Networks, that produces micro-niche, live Internet video shows. Digital Entertainment Network claims that it will produce edited, on-demand video shows, but as of time of writing, no shows were available on its web site. The Company also has some competition from companies that repurpose existing television content, such as UltimateTV.Com and

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