Checkpoint Genetics, Inc.
Oaklands Corporate Center
440 Creamery Way, Suite E
Exton, PA 19341
Ph: 610-280-7110
Fax: 610-280-7106

Nathan Tzodikov, Ph.D., President & CEO

Product Line or ServiceCheckpoint Genetics is developing pharmaceuticals to preserve our cardiovascular health regardless of one’s diet. The company’s products are for prevention of atherosclerosis, restenosis, myocardial infarct, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. The product line consists of safe and potent antioxident therapeutics, including the company’s lead clinical candidate, CPG-603.

Technology/Proprietary RightsThe company has a pending patent covering a family of pharmaceutical compositions for several unrelated diseases. The President and CEO is the inventor of the technology and has assigned the entire rights to the company. The patent claims provide a competitive advantage for pharmaceutical products, incorporating CPG-603. A portfolio of related patents, differentiated by diseases and unique compositions of matter are likely to be issued upon examination of the initial application, strengthening the company’s technology base.

Market Opportunities The worldwide prescription market for cholesterol lowering agents was $8.5 billion in 1998 with annual growth projected and realized at 30% per year. Merck’s Mevacor and Warner-Lambert’s Lipitor, well-known blockbuster pharmaceutical products, dominated this market. A conservative market share estimate for Checkpoint Genetics’ first year sales of $300 million is based upon its’ mechanism of action, by inhibiting atherogenesis. Initial growth is estimated at 40 to 50% per year during the first 2 years, with sales topping out at $700 million to $1 billion.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution The company plans to license marketing rights to a fully integrated multinational pharmaceutical company with a complementary product franchise. Should such pharmaceutical companies attempt to lock out favorable terms for licensing, Checkpoint Genetics will contract for detailing and distribution with suitable subcontractors.

ManufacturingThe company will not invest in plant and facilities for manufacture of its first product. Contract manufacturers will be utilized.

CompetitionThe company knows of no direct competition for CPG-603 and our family of proprietary pharmaceutical compositions. The following cardiovascular agents are in late stage development and are included for completeness.

ReoPro(TM), developed by Centocor marketed by Eli Lilly and Co., indicated for restenosis prevention in high risk angioplasty realized $365 million in 1998 sales.  This market does not include Japan where it is still under review.

Sinlestal (a.k.a probuchol, DE-3872, by Daiichi). Sinlestal was originally developed by Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc. and marketed as probucol, a hyperlipidemic agent with antioxidant properties. Although it is no longer marketed in the U.S., Daiichi is in phase II clinical trials with Sinlestal for the prevention of restenosis.

Tranilst (discovered by Kissei Pharmaceutical Co. and licensed to SmithKline Beecham). Tranilst was discovered and originally developed by Kissei Pharmaceutical Col. as an allergy therapy. Tranilast, although a week antioxidant, is under review in Japan for prevention of restenosis.

Coreg (a.k.a. Dilatrend, Eucardic, discovered by Boehringer, Mannheim, presently SmithKline Beecham). Coreg is a beta blocker with vasodilating activity and antioxidant properties. Coreg is being studied for prevention of restenosis.

Antioxidant Nutritional Supplements: A group of Vitamin E, pycnogenol extracts, and various flavonoid extracts that are marketed as nutritional supplements. Confusion over the extent of allowable claims and clinically proven effectiveness, complicate consumer selection and medical acceptance.

Nicaraven (a.k.a. AVS, Antevas by Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.) Nicaraven is currently under review in Japan for treatment of traumatic cerebrovascular incidents. This compound appears to be the leading clinical candidate of Chugai’s antioxidant research program.

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