3Tex Inc.
109 MacKenan Drive
Cary, NC 27511
Ph: 919-481-2500
Fax: 919-481-6595

R. Bradley Lienhart, President/CEO
Dr. Mansour Mohamed,
Nickolas J. Leb,
V.P. Finance/CFO

Product Line or ServiceMultidimensional industrial fabrics and “near net shape” composite fiber preform products.

Technology/Proprietary Rights Exclusive license of two process / structure patents from NC State University.

  • Exclusive license of one process patent from University of Dresden.

  • Exclusive license of two protective helmet patents.

  • Several 3TEX patents in process.

  • Considerable in-house modeling, design, know how and engineering.

Market OpportunitiesBiomedical Materials / Tissue Engineering.

  • Protective Body Products (Sports and Ballistics)

  • Industrial Parts Preforms (auto/air/marine)

  • Highway / Marine Infrastructure

Marketing/Sales and DistributionThree Senior Consultants hired as focused market representatives. A direct sales force will be added to sell to 3TEX strategic partners and future prospects. Expect our strategic partners to create much of the consumer interest. Also pursuing numerous government grants to raise visibility.

Manufacturing 3TEX will build its own proprietary manufacturing equipment. All 3TEX products will be produced in-house on this proprietary equipment. A strong mechanical and textile engineering capability supports this effort.

CompetitionTraditional multi-layering fabric and preform manufacturing approaches (Hexel, Cytec, BTI, Albany Techniweave, Johnston Industries) and conventional materials such as steel, titanium, aluminum, wood, and concrete.

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