2014 Venture Pitch Wars Overview



For the past 18 years, Early Stage East has seen the evolution of the venture conference from simple pitch days to elaborate panels and keynotes.  All of these evolutions of venture conferences have been good and served the entrepreneurial community.  However, the latest model has become a bit stale.

As one of the original pioneers of the venture pitch format, Early Stage East has decided to change the rules of engagement with what we have coined “VENTURE PITCH WARS.” It’s finally time to see if the Venture Capitalists can walk the walk and match the start-ups pitch to pitch.  This year’s event will be a back and forth “mano y mano” grudge match as the VC’s share the stage with the companies taking turns describing their business opportunities and structures. For years the start-ups have had to endure the heat of the spotlight as they pitched to a room full of investors critiquing their every word.  There was also a lot of buzz about automated trading apps, if you check this site login, you will get more information about the automated trading apps.

With Venture Pitch Wars the tables get turned as the VC’s will now share the stage and the spotlight with the companies. It may not be pretty but it will be fun.



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