2014 Venture Pitch Wars Event Wrap-Up

Venture Pitch Wars A Big Success!


The formula was a little different but the outcome was the same..Success!  This years Early Stage East saw, for the first time, the Investors take the stage with the Entrepreneurs in what we called Venture Pitch Wars.  Both the investors and entrepreneurs pitched their respective firms and/opportunities.  The day made for an extremely interactive, fun and educational event.  All participants voted on the best investor pitch as well as best entrepreneur pitch.  The votes were tallied and the winners were announced. Congratulations to Apploud.co, a mobile app that monetizes fan-generated live concert videos on behalf of artists.    Another congratulations to Seventy-Six Capital (Wayne Kimmel). For the last decade and a half, Wayne Kimmel and his partners have backed passionate founders of start-up and early stage game changing businesses.

The day also include a panels moderated by Kevin Henry from Fesnak and Associated discussing the growth strategies of successful companies.  The panel included John Ferretti of Foxfire Printing, Raymond Bixler of SkillSurvey, Bill Kirk of Weathertrends, and Steve Rosenbaum of Waywire.

The event concluded with a great closing reception and a final thank you to our founder David Freschman who is stepping down as executive director.  Thank you Dave for your endless contributions to the early stage community.