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These venture capital funds have attended Early Stage East events:

ABS Ventures
Adams Capital Management
Alliance Capital Ventures
American Bailey Ventures
AMS Capital, LLC
Anthem Capital, L.P.
Armata Capital Partners
Athena Capital Partners, Inc.
Aurora Funds
Baker Capital Corporation
Balderston Capital, LLC
Beacon Global Advisors
Ben Franklin Tech Center of SE PA
Ben Franklin Technology Center - NEP
Bioadvance/Biotechnology Greenhouse Corporation of SE PA
Birchmere Ventures
Blue Rock Capital, LP
Boston Financial and Equity
Boulder Ventures Limited
BTG International, Inc.
BTG Ventures
Capital Advisors Group
Cardinal Partners
Charles River Ventures
Clipper Managment, Inc.
Columbia Capital LLC
Commonwealth Capital Ventures
Connecticut Innovations
Context Ventures
Core Capital Partners
Court Square Ventures, LLC
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners
CS Capital Partners, LLC
Deimos Ventures LLC
Delaware Innovation Fund
Delmag Ventures
Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown
Dominion Ventures
Dragonfly Capital
Draper Atlantic
DuPont Ventures
Dyanfund Ventues, LLC
Early Stage Enterprises, LP
Eastern Technology Fund
ECentury Capital Partners, LP
Edison Venture Fund
Emerging Technology Partners
Euclid SR
Evergreen Capital LLC
First Financial Partners
Friedman Billings Ramsey
Gabriel Venture Partners
GATX Ventures
Gauss Capital Advisors
GCI Venture Partners
GE Life Sciences & Technology
GrandView Partners
GS Capital, LP
Hamilton Capital Group, LLC
Harron Capital
Inflection Point Ventures
Innovation Philadelphia
Innovation Works
Internet Capital Group
Intrust Venture Partners
Inverness Capital Partners
Investors International Group, Inc.
Janney Montgomery Scott LLC
JMI Equity
JPMorgan Chase
Kanter International, LLC
KSR Associates Inc.
Landmark Capital Corporation
Legg Mason Wood Walker, Inc.
Liberty Venture Partners
Life Sciences Greenhouse
LLR Equity Partners
LORE Angel Network
Maryland DBED
Mellon Ventures, Inc.
Mentor Capital Partners LTD
Meridian Venture Partners
Mid-Atlantic Venture Fund
Midcoast Capital
Milestone Capital
Milestone Equity Partners Northern Virginia, LLC
Milestone Venture Partners
Mohr, Davidow Ventures
Momentum Technology Partners
New Charlotte Capital Corp.
New Enterprise Associates (NEA)
New Spring Ventures
New Vantage Group
NextLevel Venture Partners, LLC
NJTC Venture Fund
Nokia Venture Partners
North Atlantic Technology Fund
Novak Biddle Venture Partners
Odyssey Capital
Oxford Finance Corporation
PA Early Stage Partners
Pennsylvania Private Investors Group
Private Investors Network - MAVA
Prospect Street Ventures
Quaker BioVentures, Inc.
Red Leaf Ventures
Safeguard Scientifics
SAS Investors
Schoffstall Ventures
SeaCap Ventures
SEI Investments
SGI Capital
Sherbrooke Capital
Silicon Alley Seed Investors
Silicon Garden Angels
Sirrom Capital Partners
SJF Ventures
Sky Capital LLC
Snider Capital
Spencer Trask Ventures
Sterling Venture Partners
Sustainable Jobs Fund
T L Ventures
T. Rowe Price Associates
Takeda Research Investment
Tall Oaks Capital Partners
Tanglewood Capital Partners
TDH Ventures
Techno Venture Management
Telecommunications Development Fund
The Aurora Funds
The Reinvestment Fund
TL Ventures
Transamerica Technology Finance
TRF Venture Capital, Inc.
TWC/NextStage Advisors
Updata Venture Partners
Urban Growth Partners
Valley Forge Investment Corporation
Venture Development Co.
Viridian Capital
Visionary Capital
Washington Capital Ventures
Westrock Partners
Zon Capital Partners

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Early Stage East Facts*

Companies that have participated in Early Stage East events have gone on to raise over $500 million in institutional funding to date!

The companies presenting at Early Stage East rated 91.4%, "high quality" in a recent survey of our attendees.

92% of Early Stage East attendees indicated they would return to another Early Stage East event.

Early Stage East's venues, the Bank One Center on the Riverfront and the Hyatt Regency Baltimore, earned a 94.2% and 92% approval rating, respectively.

The Early Stage East coaching session model garnered an 85% approval rating from our companies.

Over the past seven years, Early Stage East events have attracted, on average, over 500 attendees per event.

In our five year history, over 300 early stage companies have been featured at Early Stage East.

Early Stage East annually attracts investors representing an average of over $10 billion in institutional venture capital.

*Facts gathered by Early Stage East attendee and company surveys and polling of alumni companies.

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