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Success Stories from Past Early Stage East Events

DataFlux". . . [we] raised a Series A round from The Aurora Ventures Fund in early 1999 and were acquired in an all-cash deal by SAS Institute in June 2000. Our presence at Early Stage East contributed a great deal to our success." - Bob Brauer

Internet Publishing Group, Inc. "We closed $3 million in funding after the conference." - Craig O. Allsopp

ExpertCall.com "It does work. We got two serious offers after the 'adventure' at the Early Stage East event." - Boaz Bilberman

TenderySys.com Inc. "After our Early Stage East presentation, three VCs have asked for our business plan." - Prabhat Garg

AnswerLogic, Inc. ". . . the term sheet was signed the first week of August, less than 3 months after ESE. We got our first choice VC, who decided to invest after seeing us in action at Early Stage East . . . a great opportunity to generate a lot of buzz in a short time . . . ESE organizers do a great job of coaching presenters." -Jamie Hamilton

Aatlas Commerce "ESE was a great platform to develop contacts for when we were ready to release the plan." -Dan Tiernan

Smart Button Associates "We were extremely pleased with the publicity we received as part of Early Stage East. Not only did we speak with most of the top venture capitalists in the area, but we also received national TV exposure after being chosen to appear on the PBS show Money Hunt. It is the only show I know of that focuses on the early stage segment. I have been involved in technology startups for the last ten years and have not been to a better venture fair." -Phil Sugar

Blackboard Inc. "Early Stage East was monumental to Blackboard's success in getting Blackboard before a first-tier community and in raising our first formal round of financing. We met two of our three current venture partners at Early Stage East, all who provide unprecedented value over and above the financial support and vote of confidence." -Andrew H. Rosen

Customer Insites, Inc. "We just closed our seed funding round with principals that we met at Early Stage East . . . and we have been in discussions since. Early Stage East was instrumental in launching our funding campaign." -Leslie A. Williams

PurePower Company, Inc. ". . . we did exhibit and received interest from Venture Capital and investment firms. Beyond our wildest expectations. . . . we mailed out updated business plans to 11 firms . . . a VC firm in Princeton agreed to take a secondary position for 25% of the $1.6 million we seek." -Robert R. Radcliffe

Step 9 Software Corporation "This was an excellent overall VC marketing tool." -Mark R. Merrick

Microplate Automation "At least five funds we had not worked with before expressed strong interest when they came by the booth. I would expect there will be a few more to contact us over the next few weeks. That far exceeds any other event I have attended." -Paul Hensley

Cera Products "�I had a wonderful time at your conference. We have had three calls so far." -Charlene Riikonen

Predictive Systems Engineering, Inc. "We have been very pleasantly surprised at the interest generated in PSE by some quality groups who met us at ESE" -Jim Kleinburd

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