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Wilmington, DE 19806
Ph: 302.777.2460
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About Early Stage East


Venture Capital Conferences

The mainstay of Early Stage East is our venture capital conferences. Annually, we hold the Early Stage East Conference for all industries in the Spring of each year. In the fall of each year, we hold our Bio-Life-Tech Conference, which focuses on the fields of biotechnology, life science, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology and the related instrumentation and technologies that support these industries. The Bio-Life-Tech Conference moves up and down the East Coast, moving to areas with peak activity in these industries. All of our events focus on entrepreneurs that are seeking early stage institutional funding.

To date, entrepreneurs that have participated in Early Stage East events have gone on to secure over $600 million in funding. Venture capitalists and investors attending ESE events have the opportunity to discover early stage companies with potential, while the entrepreneurs have an audience of funds who can provide critically-needed capital and seasoned professionals who can guide them in starting their businesses.

Entrepreneurial Education

Each year, we open the Early Stage East Venture Capital Conference with entrepreneurial education. These sessions feature leaders in the venture capital community who not only present valuable information to our selected companies, entrepreneurs and attendees, but also work closely with them in a workshop environment to reinforce the concepts they've presented. Educational attendees receive the chance to apply the concepts they've learned, valuable take-away materials and contacts with some of the industry's top experts.


Early Stage East provides one of the best networking opportunities of the year for entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors and service providers. Because of our geographic footprint, we attract the professionals that concentrate on our investment sector. This allows our attendees to meet the best of the best in the industry, from a wide geographic area, with your specific funding needs in mind.

Capital Markets Panel

The capital markets panel is an interactive dialogue with the investment community. It is comprised by a panel of venture capitalists and LP's who are experts in their fields. Past panel members include representatives from such companies as the American Stock Exchange, Janney Montgomery Scott and Morgan Lewis.

VIP Golf Tournament

Early Stage East features some of the finest golf venues in the Mid-Atlantic region. Early Stage East's Annual VIP Golf Tournament has featured Senior PGA course Hartfeld National, Biderman, the private course located on the original DuPont Winterthur Estate, and Fieldstone Golf Club, recently featured in Golf Journal. Do not miss this year's event!