Cera Products, Inc.
Charlene B. Riikonen
8265-I Patuxent Range Rd,
Jessup, Maryland 20794
Phone: 301-490-4941
Fax: 410-792-8671

Year Founded: 1993 No. of Employees: 4
Industry: Nutraceuticals
Oral Vaccine Delivery
Seeking: $2.5 million

Cera's Management team includes 1) Majority Shareholder-CEO Entrepreneur and product developer; Former Sales and Marketing V.P. with 20 years experience in pharmaceutical field managing new sales and marketing ventures; Manager, Hospital, Educational, Clinical Resources (recruited dependent on funding); M.D. Medical Officer with background as founder of health education consulting company; Chief Operating Officer (recruited dependent on funding); V.P. Production; background as Director of Manufacturing for medical diagnostics firm; Director of Business Development. Experienced executive with 30 years experience in investment financing, commercial and product development.

Charlene B. Riikonen,
Managing Director/CEO

Benjamin Maizel, Manager, Sales

Daniel P. Healey, Director,
Business Development


Manufacturer of advanced, high performance oral electrolyte products (medical food, enteral and nutraceutical category) and vaccine or drug delivery systems. Cera Products has developed recognition for excellence, and has established a presence in major medical centers in the USA, exports to Central America, Europe and the Middle East (in test markets), and has its products purchased by the U.S. Department of Defense. Cera's products promote good health and reduce healthcare costs in the U.S. and abroad.

Business Description: Developer and Manufacturer of Health and medical products, vaccine and drug delivery systems.

Product Line or Service: CeraLyte, rice-based oral rehydration and CeraVacx, oral vaccine and drug delivery product.

Technology/Proprietary Rights: One patent received, another applied; holds proprietary manufacturing information, and trademarks.

Market Opportunities: Institutional (medical) for hospitals, nursing home chains, home health care; Government (military, civil defense, bioterrorism); travel. CeraLyte alone addresses a domestic market of $500 million and a global market of $2.3 billion. Cera's addressable market greatly expands when considering the combination of the Company's products.

Marketing/Sales and Distribution: Established in Maryland in 1993, the Company has completed extensive R&D;, and has test marketing sales from 1996 of over $1.5 million. Repeat customers include Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, Columbia Hospital for Physicians and Surgeons, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, Nebraska Health System, major medical centers across the US, and over 76 travel clinics and catalogs geared toward good travel health.

Manufacturing: Contracts out manufacturing and packaging

Competition: Competitors' products are glucose or sugar-based products, including Pedialyte (Ross Laboratories) and Pediatric Electrolyte (Nutramax Labs and Gerber Products), and expensive-to-administer intravenous (IV) fluids. Fluids that are sometimes used (inappropriately for diarrheal replacement therapy) include sports drinks (too low in sodium and potassium), colas, juices, water and tea.